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Poll do you want to have babies in the future


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fifi' date=' w t f is ur problem...fuck off[/quote']

yeah ok I'm gonna fuck off now because a 13 year old who I don't even know has told me to....excuse me while I go cry! :rolleyes:

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Back to the topic...


I might adopt. It's funny you all keep saying check back with me later, and I used to be all over having kids ('cause I was deeply in love) and now I'm thinking that I like having my life and I still want to travel, and this world is too crazy and how will I ever make enough money to support anyone else, I can barely support myself and why would I want to lose my figure and the world is too polluted- ('cause right now, I'm not so much in love and am not confident in my relationship) :o


Funny how that works, eh? :P

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oh...so you're saying if you come across a nice, intelligent, handsome guy, that you'd ditch your current bf?! :wink3: :D



on serious note, i empathize with you on your point of too much pollution: i mean, what's the use of having progeny when we're doing an excellent job of depleting all our natural resources and causing so much pollution that it'd be almost like causing harm to your future kids! :/ :confused:

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Its a picture of a baby what I got from google.co.uk on a image search.


I thought it was very cute. As regards of wanting to have babies, and this has become more aparent over recent times. It feels good when you see a young baby and you get a cute smile, its a great feeling that comes from inside. The uncoditnal love that you would recive of a new life is something at times I think we all could do with. Its what we do with what counts, as that new life when it comes into the world has not done anything wrong.

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Geez' date=' Jeff Gordon whining and randomly swearing at people? That's a real shocker. :rolleyes:[/quote']


sorry people...I shouldn't have said that to u...and sorry fifi for saying fuck off..just having a ruff day that's all :( :cry:

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