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maybe this is non of your interest but, well nevermind..... I have to choose what I want to study soon, since I have to take some special lessons for it, and I have no clue of what to do, how did you [people who have decided something already] did it?


I have two options; Mathematics & Physics with a mention in Astronomy (you pass 2 commons years and then especialise in Astronomy) or Medicine.


I got the mind, time, patient and money for it, but I can't make up my mind. Physics is lovely; studying light it's marvellous, funny, strange.... for me is the best panorama.... and well, Astronomy is even better, and Maths just goes with it. This is what I would like too, but you study a lot for something that in/on my country it's useless.


On the other hand, we have Medicine... which I like some parts of it. Surgery....... that's disgusting, but besides that, everythings fine. The nervous system and the brain are amazing things to study, so it also calls my attention very much, but I don't think I would be a good doctor. What I want to do is to teach people :/ . You can work anywhere, everywhere and economically speaking, it's much more rentable. And it would be more useful If I decide to work as a voluteer, which is what I'm looking foward.


How do you choose between them? and why do you have to choose? I know I can't study both because, well because they are not compatible, but I have no clue what to do and ... it's not funny to be listening to University talks and parents all the time, asking you what you'll study ... and staff like that a.k.a I hate the social pressure around it.


So... any suggestions (besides "shut up")?

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:lol: :lol: :lol: ...shut up Carla!!!!!! :D ...ntc...nunca te diria eso!



well....huge decision!...and you can´t let others get involve in it!...my question is how do you see yourself in a few years!?????....you know!...visualización!!!!...

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Guest LiquidSky

On the other hand, we have Medicine... which I like some parts of it. Surgery....... that's disgusting


Disgusting? But that's my fav. part! :D so if you ever see me with a knife you better run 'cause sometimes I snapp! :stunned: :embarrased: :lol: :D but the surgery part is actually my fav. part :D

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Eeemmm.. come to the states, study astronomy/physics in college then go into medicine for grad school!!


Or, study astronomy/physics and then get your phD either there or here, then work here (you gotta be pretty smart, but if you know you're smart and can do it, then go for it)!


Or... yeah, do like fifi said, talk to people who are in those professions, weigh out the pros and cons of each, then make your decision on how you want to live your life.


Or... you could be a doctor, but you could be a teacher.. you could teach medicine. :idea2:

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i am going on in to my 4th year in medicine!

it is absolutely great-the first 2 years in UK are mainly science-the background to the theory, so if u enjoy science u'll love that component.


the other years are mainly clinical-that is you have a lot of contact with patients whom you get to talk to directly and do fun things like taking blood and even assist the doctors in surgery-which sounds scarey but it is such an enligtening experience.


there are a lot of pressures though, there is a lot of information to cram and exams can be a nightmare!


exams are not just written-there are exams where u have patients and the examiners are watching u as u take a history or examine them-but its really an adrenaline releasing process! u will enjoy it!


if u prefer real hard core science and questioning and investigation then physics is more orientated that way.....however u can have that with medicine too with the added component that u get to meet so many people ...so if u enjoy talking to people then medicine is the subject to go foR


sorry, if i have babbled on for so long....i'll stop now . but if u have any questions let me know!

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