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Can somebody translate one of these things for me, please?


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These sentences are in different lingos. I know there are online translators, but they mostly give you the wrong meaning, and I need this to understand a play. :o


1. El dinero viene solo. (The dinner came alone, he came to dinner alone? Anyway, it's Spanish I guess.)


2. Meni ni iz dzepa, ni u dzep. (there are arrows on the z's, they're pointing downwards, suppose this is some Eastern language)


3. Besos brujos que me matan. (Doesn't make sense to me in French... is it Spanish, too?)


4. Jebem Radoznale


5. Estas astravesada como el dia Miercoles. (there's an accent on the a in estas, the i in dia and the first e in miercoles.. Spanish or Portuguese?)


Please help :)

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Thank you :D


Is the first one ungrammatical then? Cos a dinner can't come? :confused:

El dinero viene solo is "the money come alone" not the dinner ´cause as you say the dinner can´t come because is cena.


the 5 i think isn´t wednesday which is in the middle of the week. In spain we say it´s thurday. Estas en el medio como los jueves. You´re in the middle as thursdays. anyways it´s a paraphrase=refranes.

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1, 3 and 5 are SP!!!!!!!!


El dinero viene solo is "the money come alone"




is "dinero"- money!

Besos brujos que me matan ...is "brujos" is wizards but that doesn´t make any sense if you say wizard kisses...the real mean is that kisses can be like a witchcraft...you know...the transaltion would be like "spelled kisses (that) kill me"




You´re in the middle as wednesday...that´s the translation but Ari is right to say thursday is the middle day!...well but thta doesn´t apply to every country or culture ...it depends of ..........I dunno but can chage the middle day ! :D :P

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