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can anyone tell me the name of this song

Sarah here

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i heard it on the radio so i only remember parts of the lyrics


come to see

if you're still alive



.... (i forgot what goes here)



if a friendship starts..... (forgot what's here)


(i think this is the chorus)



he's got you talking pretty loud

talk to me leave these moments behind



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the Shins


- Kissing The Lipless -



Called to see if your back

was still aligned and your sheets

were growing grass all on the corners of your bed


But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves

it has too much to do with me

and secretly I want to bury in the yard

the grey remains of a friendship scarred


You told us of your new life there

you got someone comin' around

gluing tinsel to your crown

he's got you talking pretty loud

you berate remember your ailing heart and your criminal eyes

you say you're still in love

if it's true what can be done

it's hard to leave all those moments behind


You tested your metal of doe's skin and petals

while kissing the lipless

who bleed all the sweetness away

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