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Hi folks , im not sure if this is the place to tell you about a really cool online chat program but here goes anyway ........

a friend of mine as told me of a great chat like phone program were you can talk to your friends just like you do on a telephone and i must say the quality is totaly amazing ! i have been using it for a week or so and have been talking to friends in the uk and usa just like you do by phone except its totaly Free !

just think how cool it would be to talk to all your coldplying friends on here , you can even use your user names you use here . if you would like to try out Skype for free then go to this link




ps - if anyone wants to catch me on skype just search for me as radi0ed


i hope to hear from some of you who know me soon .




HTTT :sneaky:

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can I change my username!


cause I didn´t like the one I put! :D


yes you can use any name you want , i just thought that using your coldplaying user name would make it easier to know who you are on skype . but any name is fine .


HTTT :sneaky:

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