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okay, so I find this weird

Sierra Kay

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There was an earthquake near me today. at like, 1:10 this morning. I was awake. I felt a little weirdness...but nothing big. but yeah. I just find that weird, because, you know, I'm in Illinois. which isn't known for it's amount of eathquakes. but there was also an earthquake in California. so I'm guessing they're somehow related?

still weird.

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huh....i remember one week i think the year before last where it was 90 degrees...then it snowed....after all the flowers had bloomed' date=' and it stayed there....and then there was an earthquake. yeah all in one week. that was just a little weird :lol:[/quote']

I thinkt hat's a sign of the end of the world.



apparently one of my mom's friends felt it a lot. and it scared the crap out of her.

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