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Who are you rooting for?

Sweet One

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forget the other people. the only reason my tv is being turned on is for coldplay. i'm not into anything else, but maybe the other rock nominations, i dont even know who's up. i usually dont like the other rock groups that are nominated, they all seem to not fit the category well. :?


...ooh and i was happy i turned the tv on last night because i saw the new clocks video on mtv2 :o

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Who else is nominated that I would know? :?


Avril Lavigne, Norah Jones, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen...um.....a whole bunch of other people... :lol:


Norah Jones then, and Eminem. :D

Not Avril Lavigne, surprisingly enough, although I like her a bit better now after she looked suitably bored throughout the whole of the Brit Awards (apart from Clocks, I hope).

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Avril Lavigne... what a pseudo-bitch. :P


Norah Jones definitely. And Coldplay of course. I don't know any of the others.


Completely random thought - I saw "Yellow" on MTV today. I haven't seen the video in ages. I love the video. :D


YAY!! A Norah Jones supporter!! I'm listening to her album right now, it's excellent. :D

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:o :o :x :x :-x how can you say that?!?


because i really don't care if they win or not. the grammies mean nothing to me. how can i have respect for an organization that nominates Avril Lavigne for song of the year? one of my professors here at school is one of the people who votes for the grammies, and even she thinks they're bs. she says: "the only people who are any good that got nominated for anything are coldplay, eminem, norah jones, and bruce springsteen." but then she went into some thing about how that wasn't true, and there were lots of great artists nominated for things that just aren't televised, and the grammies are an all day event and only the last 25% of it are on tv, or something like that.


anyway, the bottom line is that i don't have my music business class tomorrow because she'll still be in los angeles :D


what was i talking about again?

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okay tom, i see your point. when i come to think of it, it is really a judgemental, know-it-all thing with loads of ppl who thinks they have the right to say what's hot and what's not. But like ginger said, it's nice to see them get appriciated

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