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    Coldplay have today earned their second Billboard Hot 100 #1, their first since 2008, with their hit new collaboration “My Universe” with BTS. The single makes history as the first Hot 100 #1 ever by two co-billed lead groups, in addition to topping the Digital Song Sales, Hot Rock & Alternative Songs and Hot Alternative Songs charts.


    “My Universe” has also shattered records internationally, achieving the biggest first week download number in the UK this year and debuting at #1 on both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. U.S. charts. The single also finished the week at #3 on the Official UK Charts and was the #1 most viewed song on YouTube last week with a total of 76.6 million combined views across uploads.


    “My Universe” is taken from Coldplay’s forthcoming album Music Of The Spheres, which arrives on October 15th.

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    • Hmmmm I'm not sure what to think about all of this. Mylo Xyloto seemed like their best shot at doing a music film, but I don't see them revisiting that era in any meaningful way. Though, we were promised UATW Silver Bird...  I'm just wondering what the musical film would include? Would it be like Beyonce's Lemonade where it's one long music video that's mostly just visual vignettes? Maybe a song/story per planet situation? Or is Chris talking about a literal musical that's a performance that tells a story? Is it live-action? Animated? Is it in the MOTS era or a new era? I have to give them credit I really have no idea what to expect.  I'm overall very open to this, but agree that it could go terribly wrong. Coldplay already attracts criticism and Chris can occasionally be brilliant but he can also be corny. The music needs to be good first and foremost. You can look at many plays that have jsut mediocre stories, but great music saves the day (cough* Hamilton *cough)
    • That occurred to me too but they probably won't do a major tour again until 2025/2026 after this one, which will no doubt go on right into 2023 with multiple legs. I'm more concerned about the tight turnaround for three albums in three years and how rushed that feels but I shall remain faithful in their grand plan.  p.s., it's absolutely crazy we're thinking about dates like 2025/2026 because it feels like Ghost Stories only came out yesterday 
    • I think they will tour for MOTS project also in 2023, if they can and then the next big tour will probably start in 2026, after the release of album Coldplay. So this leaves 2024-2025 to finish and release the rest of the "things". I don't see them having tours for whatever they release during between MOTS and Coldplay. We're not even actually sure how much they will release, at least I'm confused. I'm still thinking that MOTS will have at least one continuation EP, but then they will release three more albums. Just quoting, what Chris said in December to Jo Whiley "we are working on this album Music of the Spheres and THEN we have three more things after that." So in addition to "musical" and "Coldplay" there might be one more album, which I think might be a collection of unfinished/unreleased and reworked songs, which they have collected over the years. These are just my guesses, based on the information I have read or heard. I wrote about it in here also:   https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/82093-three-more-coldplay-albums-to-come-last-one-in-2025/page/2/#comment-5764096  
    • Maybe they won't tour in between, especially they won't tour with the musical because it is the film. So, that leaves only one album to tour, as for the last one they will tour cause it is the last album after which they will only tour as Chris has said. 
    • I'm just confused on how they're gonna release three whole studio albums with respective tours in the span of under four years?
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