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    Coldplay Release "Trouble In Town" Music Video


    Coldplay have today released a powerful video for “Trouble In Town,” taken from their acclaimed number one album, Everyday Life. Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the video is set in a dystopian world populated by animals, including politician pigs, street-hustling foxes and an officious snow leopard cop.


    The video was directed by Aoife McCardle. You can watch it at youtu.be/aKlwJROuo-Q now.  


    All proceeds from the song and the video will be split between two organisations: the Innocence Project, which works to overturn wrongful convictions in the US, and ACFS, a charity for vulnerable children in South Africa, some of whom provided vocals for the original track.



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    • I like both to be honest. While the ending of the AHFOD version is brilliant, the brilliant guitar solo of the second Ghost Stories version is also very nice. As for the 'bulk' of the song, it's a narrow win for the GS version in my eyes. On my computer I have an edited version, which is the GS version with the ending of the AHFOD version added on the end. It's preferred way of listening to the song now.
    • I have downloaded the full version of the race(ahfod version) and it's way better than the ghost stories version.
    • You are right: Love not hate! There is lots of gratitude glowing at the live events. They certainly spread love and positive feelings...something the planet needs so much at this crucial time in history.  Sometimes one may wonder why they do not talk more about their beliefs, that form the foundation of their songs.  Chris has got it written on his arm... it says:  GOD IS LOVE.  If we spread that world-wide there can only be optimism for our future.   Everyone is called to do their part.  
    • Oh my god y'all!!!! I got an absolutely beautiful package from Sara from Italy today!  Christmas socks! I totally love Christmas jumpers and socks and stuff like that, but somehow didn't own any yet. They also fit perfectly which is surprising considering I have the tiniest feet lol And of course chocolate! I do indeed know this Italian chocolate haha it's heavenly  there's also cake, more chocolate, some pretty ornaments which are going into the tree (I'm decorating it tonight), lip balm (how did you know I've almost run out?), a lego Santa thingy that looks quite challenging, Christmas pens, and some Coldplay stuff. Grazie mille @Sara42 (Santa kindly revealed your username to me), the message on your card is so sweet, the whole thing totally made my day. See you in Lyon next year & have a wonderful Christmas ❤  
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