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  1. I haven't seen the tracklist in a few days but from my understanding it is 100% fake
  2. I have the original video and the person saying Monkey's Paw isn't in it. The video was edited to troll! Would love to know where planeta coldplay got it from
  3. As someone who has the original video, they have edited it in such a way to not include the track name. It is not monkey's paw and I can't disclose the actual name of the song he confirmed. This video is supposed to be private lol
  4. Think I'm done with the fixes for today! The white bar under the forum text has now been centered.
  5. I can't say unfortunately, you just have to believe me! We have pretty good sources after nearly 20 years :P
  6. Finally fixed link colours so that you can actually read it!
  7. It is 100% not fake. They said they would be full of surprises. It has caught the attention of fans and mainstream media almost instantly so it is definitely working
  8. Push notifications have also been added. They do not work on IOS or Safari on macOS
  9. :moon::sunrise: They're a bit big lol but I don't mind at the moment
  10. I need to refrain from posting in here, I’ll give away too many secrets ahaha
  11. So a double album, I have been craving this for so long
  12. Just a heads up, we do major fact checking before we tweet. That’s why we often post after other fan sites.
  13. This seems possible. According to Ken19 we should’ve gotten information Friday but it was delayed. Wednesday seems very likely. Tomorrow is also possible!
  14. Nothing new was played. Jimmy does actually have information that is not public. It is just a confirmation of a song title as far as I know. Monkeys paw is a joke I think.
  15. I have seen it! It's kind of a cute video of Chris lol
  16. This is a known issue and I will update you as soon as it is patched!
  17. What does everyone think of the clip? Do we like the new sound?
  18. Without going into details, it was 100% a mistake
  19. Also, I must explain the recent crashes. The servers hard drives filled up and of course, I wasn't going to delete anything from the forums or the archive so I have spent the past days trying to figure out what to delete. After extensive searches, I found that the servers logs had quickly been filling up, especially with all the traffic on the forums. Every interaction and visit you make to our site is logged and they quietly amounted to over 700GB over the years! They have been removed and there is much more space available now. Crashes are now fixed! (hopefully lol)
  20. Not sure if this bug has been fixed but I have been getting it less frequently
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