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  1. I remember going for a walk and running home to check out the teaser! I have never been so excited in my whole life
  2. I just think they’re way too specific to be fake. Why make up so much random stuff to troll lol
  3. No IT as in Information Technology so perhaps a computer technician or something
  4. Apologies, I misread their tweet! He just left the discord so maybe he is trying to cover his tracks and stay out of trouble. He is apparently an IT guy with connections to someone close to the band
  5. Coldplay Corner just tweeted saying he is faking it to draw attention to the discord. This is 100% false. The discord staff have no clue who this guy is. Someone also posted a gif on reddit of a teaser for metamorphosis coming out next Friday. It looks fake as hell though
  6. As much as I’ve been stressing out trying to fix it, yes it is a good sign ahaha. It should all be ok now
  7. Sorry for all the downtime. The database crashed and due to the forum having millions of posts it takes forever for it to come back up. I will let everyone know when all is ok
  8. Apologies for the recent downtime. The server ran out of space!
  9. I recommend using the mobile site. You can add it to your home screen! Tapatalk changed the way they handle third party sites and placed a number of limitations on our app. Plus I think the website has more functionality!
  10. Your dedication is so admirable. I have updated the article to include your name. Thank you so much!
  11. Also, @driftaguy, how did you search for composers on APRA. I can only search for titles and writers.
  12. Oops! I have so much more free time these days so I only saw this now
  13. Not sure as it was a fandom friend that passed on the info from their source. The photoshoot happened last week. Take this with a pinch of salt though!
  14. Two new songs registered! https://coldplaying.com/coldplay-register-two-new-songs/
  15. Apparently a photoshoot has been done recently...
  16. In the latest Coldplaying article I spoke about Mat Whitecross saying that the hiatus would only last a year. He said that in November 2018 so there's another sign that points towards November as a possible release date!
  17. Sorry for the delay but the issue with the formatting has been reported and the core developer is working hard on a fix. As for the cosmetic changes, I am extremely busy at the moment and will try to free up time to make the suggested changes. Thank you all for your patience :heart:
  18. Under ZERO circumstances will leaks be allowed to be posted here. Just a warning if the track leaks.
  19. [parsehtml] [/parsehtml] Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now in 2001 :laughing::laughing:
  20. Yeah, Chris' message was slightly unnerving. The site has been up since 2000 if you can believe that! Oh and we have no plans on shutting down any time soon. Even if nobody visits it, we will still continue to keep it up!
  21. Not sure if they are in the mindset to create such an album again. I agree that MX and AHFOD are quite similar. Mylo Xyloto is definitely less 'poppy' and produced as AHFOD, which I would love to see for LP8
  22. It won't appeal to some people but it is really nice to see him experiment with different musical styles. A sure sign that he is enjoying making music right now.
  23. I would say Green Eyes, mainly because some of my friends, who would not be big fans of Coldplay, really enjoy the song!
  24. I think we will never see them willingly release old discarded tracks/demos. Chris especially seems to be the type of person that doesn't linger too much in the past and would rather work on new material than recycle old stuff. As for the new album, I don't think we will see anything resembling Parachutes but perhaps something more along the lines of MX, VLV and AHFOD. I'd love to see a more aggressive, politically charged album, maybe like a mixture between VLV and AROBTTH. Although judging on recent Coldplay it will probably be somewhat poppy. Heres hoping for something similar to MX and
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