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  1. Some people believe they will start hourly teasers at the top of the hour in 15 mins. Let’s see!
  2. Probably not. I'm trying to fix the issues but the traffic on the site is crazy right now
  3. I keep forgetting what I’m allowed and not allowed to say. Album release times are scary because if you accidentally say something you could get a very angry text lol
  4. Personally he has been a gentleman to me and has always been good to Coldplaying. If I was in his situation I would 100% show off. Also I don’t think this is showing off that much, the haircut story doesn’t give away anything. Also the other story may just be a subtle tease, who cares either way!
  5. For all hating on Jimmy, he often meets up with Chris and will most likely again soon, hence the teasing lol. I think he’s just having a bit of fun on Instagram!
  6. I think if they were to release music then they would remove the ‘Ziemas’ single on Apple Music so people wouldn’t get confused. Surprised they haven’t done it yet, it’s been there for a while
  7. Someone call me if they release something at like 4am ahaha
  8. I thought It would’ve been BST but maybe I’m confusing it with the ‘midnight in each country’ release
  9. if new music is coming, it will drop in 10 mins or about 7am tomorrow right? I’m guessing 7am! Perhaps we may just get an announcement, or worse yet, nothing at all!
  10. Apologies for the ten or so minutes of downtime there. There is a ton of people lurking on the forums!
  11. Was extremely close to shutting down in 2015 days before the album was about to release. The team worked so hard to make sure it stayed up!
  12. Can we just talk about how exciting this all is hahah. It has been four years since AHFOD although to me it feels like last year! I haven't seen this amount of people on the site in years. Thank you all for your continued support :D
  13. Look at ‘The Wedding Band’ written on the drums. What does this mean?
  14. Highly unlikely that all of this is fake!
  15. Just upgraded you to an 'Honourary Coldplayer'. Thanks for spending all these years on Coldplaying :)
  16. Hello everyone, As there are some rumours going around about internal 'drama' on the Coldplay Discord, I would like to clear things up. Due to disagreements in server policy regarding racist/derogatory slurs, we have decided to end our partnership with the server. Coldplaying has a widely diverse team and we felt uncomfortable at the handling of an issue that arose recently. The actions of a single staff member do not reflect the values held by the rest of the staff and members on the discord but we felt it was necessary to end this partnership to demonstrate that we do not tolerate s
  17. This is crazy! [parsehtml]@coldplaying">[/parsehtml]
  18. Thank you ☺️ Apparently Ken19 is a well known insider. I’ve heard he is a live nation employee.
  19. That is correct. It would have been the owner who interviewed them but we were transitioning from the old owner to me at that point which was a lengthy process. For full transparency that interview was setup by Phil and Debs, neither of which would leak information to Coldplaying. I can assure you this person isn’t a Coldplaying team member!
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