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  1. https://alienradio.fm/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ARFM-4.mp3I found in the Google Docs file is in Estonian. Really rough translation: Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the use of machines in space, both to analyze in-orbit data and, for example, to detect various anomalies in satellite systems. In this context, we are interested in various machine accelerators, which are often not designed to work in harsh room conditions September of 2020, we ran the first satellite which had a machine learning accelerator, Neon Moon / Neon Month / Neon Q, on it's board. It's an interestin
  2. Love the song. But listen to that piano riff at 0:19. I think it's more coincidence than real snippet, yet the lyrics feature Tchaikovsky in it..
  3. Võta rahulikult nüüd sa Läbi kaose pöörleva Võitleme maailmaga People wanna break what's built There's no use crying when the milk's already been spilt
  4. Viva La Vida's "for some reason I can't explain" sounded like "volcanic space/volcanic place" to me at first. I kept looking for this song for good 2 years.
  5. AIMH [13] Ink [20] Midnight [25] Oceans [21] (-2) Fly On [19] (+1)
  6. I found it quite hard to read out Chris' handwriting on this other set of lyrics for Miracles(Someone Special). Can somebody help me out? my father said 'never give up son just look how good Cassius become Mohammed Mohatma & Nelson Kesa, St Theresa when your ??? say 'enemies too strong ye entered where all hope's abandoned oh you could seek a miracle to send(?) and bring it back to life again' ... and at the end and now you could come and just say "the night is gonna be here for ???? my life"
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