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  1. Yeah, that would be cool too. Or something like this... [ATTACH=CONFIG]32533[/ATTACH]
  2. Maybe, but after seeing the pictures from the video shoot it seems like paint could play a important role on this era. Imagine a cover just with paint, with no letters.
  3. Guys, what would you like to see in the cover of AHFOD? Yesterday I saw this fanmade cover for MX and I'd really love to see something like this for AHFOD :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]32532[/ATTACH] Font: http://coverlandia.net/covers/138279-coldplay-mylo-xyloto#
  4. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall :mx: <3 ... and I really like Violet Hill too !
  5. Thanks for the info! Sounds promising! I wonder if they gave you a yellow light (not green light) to reveal just few details because the song is about to be released :D
  6. 1. Mylo Xyloto 2. Viva la Vida 3. Ghost Stories 4. A Rush of Blood to the Head 5. X & Y 6. Parachutes
  7. :mx::D I agree. I really hope they can beat MX as my favorite album. We just have to wait... And yeah, amazing you love that album as much as I do !! Sadly I could agree with this after hearing Amazing Day... But I don't know, my hopes are still up :) The addition of some elements don't make something better or worse, but the way they are used. I really hope you're right, hope we don't have to wait to much to figure it out. And agreed with you about :ghoststories:, it could have been so much better (but I still like it :laugh3: )
  8. Will be better? or you'll like it more? :D Music is subjective. MX is by far my favorite album by them, and I think it's really hard to beat it. There's no better album than other, just albums you like more than other :)
  9. H onestly I think the band (Specially Chris) have a little fault on this to be honest. Chris started the hype almost one year ago, in December with that interview announcing HAFOD. There was not need at all to do that. It could have been better to just wait to have the album almost done to anounce it. Then, the iHeart Festival. New outfits (supposedly), but no new song. No need to do that performance. Finally the GC. Played a new song.... and never talk about it again almost one month after. I think they have contributed to get us a little dissapointed, because the time is moving and t
  10. Don't remember me that moment :cry::cry: I wanted to go to the Mylo Xylotour :cry::cry::cry:
  11. Last year Stargate produced the new version of "A Place With no Name" by Michael Jackson for XSCAPE.
  12. October 16th is my guess... I hope :) Anyway. I was having a little fun with the custom merch on Coldplay Store, and just did this... http://www.capcoldplay.com/#state=creationView&id=560de65fe4b023f6d1da720f what do you think about it? I think I'm going to get it :laugh3:
  13. Yeah I believe the same. Plus, while they were performing the song, there was a video playing in the background with landscapes and animals. Maybe it was all made (video+song) just for the festival (I hope).
  14. Way different? If "Amazing Day" is part of AHFOD (I hope it's not), it wont be THAT different :(. Hope you're right anyway!
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