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  1. Thank you! :mad: I'm so happy to read comments like this. Can't agree more with you :)
  2. #MX :) Mylo Xyloto - 12 points Viva la Vida - 10 ppints Ghost Stories - 8 points
  3. #MX :p Mylo Xyloto - 12 points Viva la Vida - 10 ppints Ghost Stories - 8 points
  4. Considering we got almost all info about AHFOD, my bet it's a tour!
  5. Just did the preorder of my copy of AHFOD :D
  6. Amazing performance! Loving the stage with the flower of life on it
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32821[/ATTACH] Unfortunately, that's the biggest size. Hopefully we'll get that logo in a higher resolution :)
  8. I used this picture : http://coldplay.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sku=COLBN017 from the pre order image. Then cut it and changed its saturation levels to make it similar to the colors of the flower of life :)
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32820[/ATTACH] I did this for the cover photo on facebook :)
  10. A couple of hours ago Saket said (very sure) that this was the song filmed on India.
  11. That guitar !! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: Amazing performance!
  12. I've heard the song like 15 times today. I love it !! Can't wait to hear AHFOD :) P.S.: 15 times on headphones. Just listened to the song on my stereo... F#cking amazing ! :dance:
  13. I just did this for my facebook cover photo, what do you think? Also, does anyone have that letter symbol in a larger size? [ATTACH=CONFIG]32817[/ATTACH]
  14. Same here. Most of the comments I've seen on twitter are very positive about the song. And I'm really happy to see that reaction. Wish most of the fans here were happy with what this band does. They just try to do different things with every album cycle. I'd say we are fortunate enough to say that from our band. Lot of bands do the same over and over until you can bored of them. But these guys try to explore new things and make every album feel special. Why would you like another AROBTTH, if you already have it? Enjoy that album for what it is, make it feel special. It's really sad t
  15. What if they release the single/video on thursday, and the big announcement on friday it's a concert or tour in UK/Europe? :)
  16. I agree! Despite MX is my favorite album, I wish I hadn't heard almost all the album before hearing the studio version.
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