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  1. I don't know :( Did you pre ordered on the official store?
  2. All the "hate" in twitter is just by fans of Bieber, Gaga, Taylor or rockers who want their bands to be at the show. Don't pay attention. Enjoy the moment. OUR band is gonna be there !
  3. I still have no idea if the people that pre ordered the album from the official store will get an official download link for a digital album :confused:
  4. I pre ordered from the official store too! Maybe today you'll get the email :)
  5. Just got an email from Coldplay saying my album has shipped :D I hope I get an official download link so I don't have to wait 4 weeks to listen the album :confused: :p
  6. - Adventure of a Lifetime - Hymn for the Weekend - A Head Full of Dreams - Birds or Fun - Up&Up
  7. I mean, official download in MP3 or FLAC from coldplay.com of course :what:
  8. Guys, a question. I pre ordered the album from Coldplay.com. Since I'm from Chile, I'm probably going to get the album by the end of the month. Will I get an MP3 version to download this friday? :what:
  9. The german radio SWR3 is playing the album right now. Sounds awesome! http://Www.swr3.de
  10. So, it's confirmed that the video filmed in India was for HFTW? Children jumping around singing "and I'm feeling drunk and high"... :lol: :laugh4: :lol: I know it's about being drunk with life (as it says life's drink), but I hope everybody (critics) get the meaning and don't attack the video. Wish it was for AHFOD :(
  11. I think that's the idea! Make people have fun watching it :) I really like the video. It's fun and original. Great promo for the song and the album :)
  12. Nono. It's from coldplayzone. Wish it was mine :( :p
  13. When the message pops up, I press the back button of my cell phone and still can navigate here. But everytime I open the app, this appears:
  14. I do! It says something about invalid license or something like that :what:
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