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  1. Maybe Car Kids is from Aurora Planet πŸ‘€
  2. Glorious. I feel it like a mix of Moving to Mars with Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage
  3. I like this one way more than the original tbh. I just can’t stand it πŸ˜”
  4. Maybe, I hope you're right. But I think if it comes out this week, for example, most people will get it on youtube, twitter, and other unofficial sources that will undoubtedly decrease the amount of streams the song will officially get. Again, I'm hope I'm wrong. I really think that song can be a massive hit, I'm just worried somebody already have it and wants to put it out.
  5. I think it's really risky not to release My Universe as single right now. It's obvious someone has it and is leaking it. I don't think it's a good strategy because I feel it can lose all the hype the song is getting right now. I hope I'm wrong but I'm afraid it will leak way before September. I really hope it doesn't happen 😞
  6. The album trailer sounds amazing, but I really dislike that album cover πŸ˜– I was hoping this background to be the album cover πŸ₯Ί https://www.instagram.com/p/COTL6H1BWDy/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. I really hope they do something today, at least one new broadcast on Alien Radio. It would be strange not to take advantage of the actual hype this song has generated all over internet. They have to make the move, now, before the song is fully leaked.
  8. It should be next friday! Or at least some kind of announcement or tease before that day.
  9. I must admit I was skeptical about this collab, but it sounds (from the snippets) pretty amazing actually
  10. Maybe there are two clips? (not counting the one leaked some weeks ago) Because the one I heard didn't have Chris on it, just BTS.
  11. A new "My Universe" snippet appeared on twitter a couple of hours ago. Seems like the beginning of the chorus. BTS army is crazy about it! It's already trending worldwide.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPrE-zWhCzJ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Music of the Spheres intro! 😍
  13. That's right! Also, the graphics with lyrics on the background have the Higher Power cd colors. I even thought about the posibility of having several EPs this era, each one representing one Sphere, instead of one big album. I don't know why that came to my mind. I'd love to have an album tho πŸ˜„
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