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  1. 1 - A Rush of Blood to the Head (In My Place) - Viva la Vida (Death & All His Friends) 3 - Mylo Xyloto (Don't Let It Break Your Heart) 4 - Parachutes (Everything's Not Lost) - Ghost Stories (Midnight) 6 - X&Y (White Shadows) 7 - A Head Full of Dreams (Amazing Day) I could put either A Rush of Blood/VLV in the number 1 slot on any given day, and the same goes for Parachutes/Ghost Stories in slot 4.
  2. This is really the only logical way to do it if they want those monster hits they're so obviously after with this album.
  3. The melody is almost identical to parts of It's Never Over by Arcade Fire. It's an okay song. Definitely in the top half of the album.
  4. 1. Everglow 2. A Head Full of Dreams 3. Amazing Day 4. Adventure of a Lifetime Those four are fantastic. I can't listen to Everglow enough, and both AOAL and AD have grown on me immensely since I first heard them. 5. Birds 6. Hymn for the Weekend 7. Up and Up These three are okay. Nothing fancy, but they're okay. Up and Up goes on for far too long, the second verse should be half as long as it is. After that, the rest is pretty much filler, and because of that the album doesn't rank particularly high on my best-CP-albums list. It's not terrible (no CP album is terrible), but
  5. I do love these games, as pointless as they are. Fun way to kill time. I've tried to make a set that could actually conceivably be performed, at least in terms of length and flow, complete with potential substitutions for variety. 0. A Hopeful Transmission 1. Don't Let It Break Your Heart 2. Shiver 3. Clocks / Speed of Sound 4. Magic 5. Talk 6. Paradise Acoustic Set: 7. Don't Panic 8. Green Eyes 9. A Rush of Blood to the Head 10. Swallowed in the Sea / Amsterdam 11. Square One / Violet Hill 12. Charlie Brown / Hurts Like Heaven 13. Spies / Yellow 14. Cemeteries of Lond
  6. I feel like it has a great hook and a great verse, but the chorus is practically non-existent (and a strong chorus is absolutely necessary for a song like this) and the lyrics are trite rubbish. It also doesn't really seem to have much direction, it kind of meanders along in search of absolutely nowhere for four and a half minutes before deciding to call it a day. If we're rating it, I'd give it a 5/10. It's not horrible, but I was expecting something a lot better. Oh well, can't win them all. Roll on Hymn for the Weekend :)
  7. Hello and welcome to the Coldplaying community, Mr. Happy! Enjoy your stay and feel free to introduce yourself on the 'new members' section :) If you have an Android or Apple device, please try out our new mobile app. It's easy to use, fast and connects to the full site. It's listed as 'Coldplaying' on Google Play or 'CPing' on the iTunes store. Links are also at the top of the page. We're excited for the upcoming tour and we will post tour dates on the 'Coldplay live' section, as soon as the band announce them. Now would be the perfect time to make friends in our community, ready for the greatest celebration ever! Have a great day -Sparky & the Coldplaying.com team

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