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  1. Sorry, probably I wasn’t clear enough, i’m referring to this:
  2. I’m starting to think that the “bugged” music section is intentional, if it was a malfunction they would’ve fix it by now. I don’t think their team is simply ignoring this bug
  3. This probably means nothing but probably this producer is working with them also for LP9 few months he commented one of Rik Simpson's photo of a synth with an alien emoji...
  4. Debs Wild once said that Life Is Beautiful will never be released
  5. Actually, he said nothing about Coldplay. He only revealed that major acts will come back soon and the magazine assumed that he was talking about Coldplay
  6. This should not be something coldplay related, since there is only Chris' name and the publisher is not universal music publishing
  7. I think that sunset will be out nov 22 and sunrise the next year. This means that the daily star article said the truth...
  8. Exactly one year ago they announced the release of the butterfly package and they dropped the VLV (live in BA) single. They did this at 5 pm UK time. Any chance that this will happen again today?
  9. Guys, keep checking the youtube page. They will probably soon add a video premiere. probably scheduled for tomorrow
  10. this happens also This also happens with Adele which is also rumored to release new music soon. I tried with other bands and singers but Adele and Coldplay are the only one to have this mysterious item...
  11. [ATTACH]9283[/ATTACH]This happens if you search for Coldplay on the italian amazon, the first result is suspect if you click on it redirects you at the same page
  12. Unfortunately, the Heineken Jammin Festival news is fake, this year the festival won't be held. The last time was in 2013 I think, Coldplay played there in 2011 when premiered some tracks of Mylo Xyloto.
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