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  1. Haha every cloud has a silver (BIRD) lining...ok that doesn’t count xD So I'm flying on my BICYCLE
  2. It’s sad how a few members that were really active some years back aren’t really around anymore 😔 maybe they will come back during this time of lockdown 🤞 But give me love over...love over...love over this
  3. Well who else would we have to reply to all the spam ads?! 😛 I tried my best to be just like
  4. @M Marks The Spot I think we all secretly want to have the good humor and spirits of @I ran away 😉 And I never get released
  5. Trying hard to speak and FIGHTing with my weak hand
  6. You can say what you mean
  7. Just something I can turn to
  8. I want to know when I can go
  9. We never change do we, no, no
  10. For you I’d bleed myself dry
  11. We would have been saved
  12. And heaven is in sight
  13. Give me real don't give me fake
  14. Sing it please, please, please
  15. Nobody said it was easy
  16. And I will try to fix you
  17. With nothing left to give?
  18. There’s a feeling you give me, an everglow
  19. Sorry that the video and audio isn’t great, I think there was originally a better quality version on YT but it was deleted a while ago, so that’s the best that we’ve got. I’m very happy that it’s come in useful for someone! 😁
  20. I can’t remember who asked for this or which thread it was now, but somebody asked a few months ago for this video from Rhythm Studios back in 2017 where Will does a ‘masterclass’ with Miller and Dan Green explaining how the live shows work with all the backing tracks. I randomly stumbled on it on the internet just now..so this thread is clearly the best place to put it xD So whoever you are, if you’re still out there, here it is... https://youtu.be/uUqRtHvHrZI
  21. But time doesn't matter to them yet
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