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  1. I remember Guy playing a wrong note in AHFOD at the BBC Exeter show in 2016, and at the 2017 Cardiff show I went to, Chris invited a fan on stage to play Everglow who wasn’t so good, so he had to take over. They also messed that song up at Glastonbury 2016. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that a lot of the instrumentation was fake, as Guy, Jonny and Will are solid and reliable musicians, but during GS/AHFODT they certainly made use of a lot more advanced pre-recorded backing tracks than in previous tours.
  2. There are also parts of AHFOD (song) and Viva where the studio vocals are played over the top to boost the live vocals.
  3. There are numerous videos on the forums, probably further back in this thread. It’s happened with ASFOS, HFTW, Up&Up and now Church.
  4. Yes they have always used instrumental backing tracks (mainly strings or extra Instruments they can’t play live) since the AROBTTH/X&Y eras. Then they started using vocal backing tracks during Viva, but it’s only in the past few years since the AHFODT that Chris’ lead vocals have regularly been playback on certain songs, which is a completely different story imo.
  5. It was really cool! The main reason I like it is that it’s a throwback to parachutes! :)
  6. Can’t believe there was literally no promo or announcement for this until people on the audience posted on social media, I like it though! This era really is full of surprises:blush:
  7. Imo no, because there aren’t enough songs with electric guitar in them that was the hallmark of LP2/3. In most songs, Jonny is barely audible:(
  8. I always feel strangely nostaligic about this era too, and that time around the late nineties/early noughties in general. That sort of music almost never gets played on mainstream radio these days, but I would have been ecstatic to hear some X&Y or AROBTTH tunes when they came out on the radio. I remember my mom always playing X&Y in the car around the time it came out, even though I was way too young to go to any concerts or anything. The first time I saw them live was the AHFODT, though I tried to get tickets for the GS tour...but it’s just not the same as the thought of going to a concert in the early noughties:weary_face:
  9. From videos I've seen of the gigs on YouTube, a lot of people in the crowd seemed to be singing along with the newer songs, the atmosphere seemed a lot better than the London gig!
  10. Here is a much nicer (in my opinion) stripped-back version with no backing tracks that they did on Sirius! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMzM38faPbM
  11. I think I might have it, DM me with your email address and I can send it to you.
  12. Has anyone heard about the terrible fire at Koko in Camden? I was devastated at the news, even though I've never personally been to a gig there. Walking past it coming back from Bakery visits made me all nostalgic thinking about the X&Y launch gig they did there back in '05. I remember reading that Chris just walked into the gig from his house beforehand. Here's hoping they manage to get the fire under control and save it. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/koko-camden-high-street-fire-a4327911.html
  13. You can buy a used TRITON Rack on eBay for a similar price or cheaper, it’s not such a great deal.
  14. Surprised they didn’t play it on Graham Norton or Quotidien, even if it was online-only bonus content or something
  15. Yeah for me it would have been interesting to see which items were available instead of being rich enough to buy them, the catalogue was amazing with stuff like the Parachutes globe in there :pensive:
  16. Does anyone know if there will be another end of decade clear out sale like they had with VLV where they auctioned off gear for charity? Not that I’d be able to afford any of it anyway...
  17. Maybe DM Davide Rossi on IG, it's a long shot but worth a try!
  18. Yes, that’s probably why he sung it in a lower octave to give himself a proper warm-up.
  19. It's possible that the live vocals were played through the PA system to the audience while the playback vocals were used for the broadcast version, that's what they did at Glastonbury 2016. Maybe it was done for consistency reasons.
  20. I think it's pretty clear that the lip-syncing in Clocks wasn't being done because he couldn't hit the notes anymore, but instead as a break almost exactly mid-way through the long 20+ song setlist on the AHFODT. If you listen to other performances in 2015 (the Tidal concert, BBC Hackney, TFI Friday etc.) he still sings Clocks just fine and the vocals are clearly live. As for the EL 'tour', they've not been doing a lot of songs from older albums - nothing from MX; just one song from AROBTTH and X&Y; two songs from Viva, GS and Parachutes; 1 from AHFOD and the stripped-down version of SJLT since the era began.
  21. Chris is a baritone, if he has voice issues then the head voice parts in the chorus might crack which would ruin the song, that’s why I think he lip syncs this one.
  22. Yeah it’s much easier to sing than AHFOD, but maybe his current vocal issue is only affecting the top of his head voice, at least most of the other songs on EL are quite comfortably within his chest range so he can still do them OK.
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