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  1. I’ve got my hands up shaking just to let you know
  2. I really doubt it! It still says on the official Coldplay account that he is the only member with his own account.
  3. Phil said long before COVID that the band wouldn’t be touring until 2021 at the earliest, right? Personally I would love to see this happen, and would be willing to travel abroad and self isolate etc. to see them live again..
  4. Although somewhat ironically, I remember Chris giving an interview saying that he seemed to always get ill when he visited Germany..I think it was around the time of the 2015 early AHFOD show, where he looked visibly unwell😬
  5. Germany is one of the few countries that seems to have COVID under control, and you don’t have to self isolate for 2 weeks when returning to the UK. So it makes sense why they picked there.
  6. Yes looks like it's just a repeat of certain songs from the MX-era ACL show
  7. One thing that interests me is how they perform perfectly in time even though they are separate. None of the band members were wearing IEMs so maybe they just know the songs so well off by heart they can play solo without any reference.
  8. Roadie 42 (@millerworld) just posted on his instastory and he’s still in the studio so I don’t think it’s finished yet😕
  9. Please can someone reupload it? The link is broken.
  10. The full version of the Austin City Limits show was recently broadcast again in the UK, so maybe the Letterman show performance will be as well🤞
  11. Quite a few songs are on youtube, but I’d love to see the full version again as there were some more songs. I remember watching it when I came home from school..almost 10 years ago😮 https://youtu.be/TM-ejaxt_Xw
  12. We had a dumb lockdown 🤣 Now there are local lockdowns where the situation is really bad 😞
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