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  1. And I'm on my way back down again
  2. Joseph rode in on a beam of light
  3. While we froze down below
  4. I’m sure we will, the band loves playing live! But in retrospect, it’s even more of a shame that the EL ‘tour’ was so short 🙁
  5. This lockdown is making me go crazy..I swear to god I heard a reggae artist called ‘Christopher Martin’ on the radio just now xD
  6. Any idea where you can find this remix?
  7. Don't ever say you're on your way down when
  8. Before it starts, before I begin
  9. Look at what everybody's going through I love it when this game turns into a story..sorry for ruining it xD
  10. 2009 and the Obama era really feels like a lifetime ago 😦 I wonder what it would be worth now..
  11. It was the strangest start
  12. And I'm tired, I can't play my part
  13. You’re always in my head
  14. Everybody dreams and doubts
  15. I worship in your church baby, always
  16. It’s in your blood, it’s in your blood
  17. And it hurts like heaven
  18. Forget but not forgive
  19. Hold tight for everyday life
  20. It’s only all the things that you fear
  21. In the end, there’s only love (From Life is for Living during MX tour, amazing version!)
  22. I must say I haven’t seen much spam in the last few weeks so well done, although it was really funny when people replied to it haha 🤣 Cause you're the one I love
  23. I think he sold his house in London some years ago after he got divorced, he mentioned staying at Guy’s flat in London when he goes there now
  24. So I put my HANDs up to the sky, feel alive 😎 I guess Coldplay’s back catalogue is so big now you can basically find a match for any sentence haha 🤣 Like I'm alive again
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