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  1. What can't I get through?
  2. Oh I want something just like this
  3. Who the captain of some sinking ship
  4. All the time she was silent still
  5. Where you can be what you are is there a prize for getting 2?! 😎
  6. But you never even see me
  7. Chris still has a Yamaha GT-20 piano, which made an appearance in Gwyneth’s latest IG post! A big throwback to the AROBTTH/X&Y era😦 Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSES!!!🎉🥳🎈
  8. If you look at Guy’s Instagram post of the Viva sessions a few days ago, Chris is sitting at the same Triton keyboard. I’m pretty sure they used that as the sample sounds very similar to Fix You.
  9. Guy also posted on IG yesterday that he was travelling back from Amsterdam after finishing some work on his new clothing/design company, so something must be happening in the studio!!
  10. Soooo...the Tiny Desk concert has FINALLY been released!!! :party::grinning: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/09/811857679/coldplay-tiny-desk-concert?t=1583784886452
  11. I really hope they go back to a more AROBTTH kind of ‘clean’ production just with beautiful instrumentation, ideally with the producer mixing the album as well.
  12. I agree, the build-up and speculation is the most exciting part of a new album launch!
  13. I found this one from 2012 where Jonny recommends some places to go in London, I hope that helps!
  14. Jesus, that acoustic version of COTW was the most emotional I’ve felt listening to a new Coldplay song in a long time...
  15. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/leisure/showbiz/18239830.chris-martin-composition-coldplay-star-12-auction/ Anyone heard about this? I just saw it on the BBC Breakfast programme and I’d love to hear it! Shame I don’t have that kind of money lying around...or in fact a cassette player to listen to it :D
  16. The same kind of organ sample is used in Strawberry Swing and at the end of White Shadows too.
  17. From promises he'd leave behind When there was no passport He missed the sky and its circus And countless, the stars...
  18. I hope there is another Sunrise after I vote for this :D
  19. I feel like an Army of One now xD
  20. Yes me too, he did sing the end part of it live in the last performance of the EL ‘tour’ though, and at least Nora’s part was live. All we can hope is that on the next series of performances (whether that’s a big tour or some more small intimate performance) we will get it live!
  21. It is interesting to lip-sync the first song in a set, as it wouldn’t give the opportunity for a proper warmup. I’m afraid no one knows the answer except the band (plus maybe Miller and Dan Green :joy:). After Church he sings Trouble in Town live, which is considerably easier
  22. I’m almost certain it was done for a rest, not because he can’t sing it anymore
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