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  1. Ironically “violet hill” is a reel that Coldplay just uploaded..
  2. One of the assistant producers from “Everyday Life” just posted this on his story 🤨probably means nothing tho , gosh we’re desperate for new music 😂
  3. That’s 1 year after the release of the “Trouble in Town ” music video. It was the last video for the “Everyday Life” Era. It’s also on a Friday!
  4. So my theory is this: I think Coldplay planned on playing a bunch of shows and festivals in the summer of 2020 so they could tease the new songs before releasing “MUSIC OF THE SPHERES” in October-December. Very similar to how they did MX. but covid ruined that.
  5. GUYS COLDPLAY REGISTERED “MUSIC OF THE SPHERES” ON DECEMBER 4th! https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00003564257
  6. My theory is a New Year’s Day album release!Everyday life is set to end in 2020. They haven’t announced anything and November is almost over, so I suspect an announcement in December. Album in January 😁
  7. Hey guys! “ode to deodorant” is updated on ASCAP with a new and updated work ID!
  8. Also even though touring isn’t happening at the moment big bands and artists are still releasing new albums! They could do the same.
  9. https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/909080881
  10. Chris said on instagram live in march or april that they have a new song called “U F O” that they aren’t supposed to talk about so we think this is that song.
  11. So am i crazy or does the grainy background on the website resemble the MOTS background?
  12. Same! Ever since Thursday I’ve gotten like 20😂
  13. Oooh🤔 new era piano? Going back to mx...paris (one the band’s artists) just posted this on his instagram story.
  14. I really do believe that some hints are coming at least.
  15. According to the moons on the website we should get another reel today.
  16. Are the individual recorded instruments available as well..?
  17. This would make sense. Definitely makes sense considering the official Coldplay youtube channel And Facebook cover photo moon phase thing stays on a new moon🤔
  18. Also I’ve noticed every time they add a reel the moon moves on the website..☀️🌙
  19. Am I crazy but isn’t the car on the road rat magazine a rover..? If so the car that says “FFTF2024” is also a rover..!
  20. Matt miller takes videos and photos of the band. He also helps with playback and midi programming! I don’t think Coldplay would be performing next month unless they had something new. Which I really think they do!
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