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  1. A picture of Chris that my friend took while we were attending their concert in Stockholm❤️❤️[emoji23]
  2. God only God knows I'm trying my best But I’m just so tired of this loneliness
  3. I have read the Harry Potter books over ten times so yes hahah Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to Coldplay?
  4. Swedish: upp i lågor Only superstition
  5. (Everglow) and you're with me wherever I go ,and you give me this feeling, this everglow vs. (Ghost Story) Every time I try to walk through walls More walls appear What's the point of feeling love for you When you don't believe I'm here? What's the point of trying to raise your voice If no one ever hears? Every time I try to pull you close You disappear
  6. And I tried to sing, but I couldn't think of anything
  7. Be like Charlie Brown

  8. At first I thought this was such a wierd hidden track, but now I feel like it belongs on the album. It makes me think of a video game, of some sorts. Ghost Story (the song from the Sky full of stars EP)
  9. "We'll be glowing in the dark..." This was the first time I was ever to be seeing Coldplay live at Friends Arena in Stockholm Sweden, and I don't think that I've ever been more excited in my life. It was one of the days were the usual, the trivial, even the annoying things in life seemed amazing, as they were leading up to that special moment, the moment that I thought could change my life. All I could think of was how much I wanted to stand in the crowd of 55.000 people, all bound together as one giant molecule by the xylobands, and the music, the music that we all loved. I just wanted to feel like I could relate to Charlie Brown, to the feeling of glowing in the dark, and not care about anything else in the world but the now. I wanted to belong like I've never belonged. Even though I dreamed, even though I googled and pushed my imagination to the very edge of it's ability, I don't I could've ever predicted the concert to be THAT good. I mean, if just the bare thought of Coldplay could make the long queuing, the heat and the throng from the crowd, and the lack of food and water seem like the biggest and most breathtaking adventures, just imagine my feelings when the first chords of A Head Full of Dreams was heard. After just a few seconds, I was no longer a sweaty, tired seventeen year old girl from a small town in Sweden, surronded by guys with manbuns. I was A PART of Coldplay. A part of Coldplay, as important as every single person in that venue, contributing by dancing, singing, clapping, cheering, and just dedicating their whole existance to the music, creating just pure MAGIC. During that concert, I was someplace else, in a whole other state of mind. A state of mind where everyone belonged and made a difference, if only for a while. Still now, a little more than one week after the concert, I can still close my eyes and feel as a if I'm part of something bigger, a part of something which I now share with all of the people out there that have experienced this magic. After that night, I can't just relate to Charlie Brown. I am Charlie Brown, along with all of you. I no longer have to imagine how it is to glow in the dark. Thanks to Coldplay, I am now everglowing. -Julia Östling-Kütt
  10. "late night watching TV, used to be you here right beside me. Used to feel your arms around me. Your body on my body." - Another's Arms It's just a lyric that displays such a tragic longing for another person, and it has always been hitting me right in the feels every damn time I've listened to the song
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