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  1. But it makes us all seem that much more excited! DON'T YOU LIKE EXCITEMENT? YAY!
  2. I clicked the icon to log in and thought I had gone to the wrong website! :joy: It's such a big change! But it looks very sleek. I applaud you guys.
  3. AROBTTH has amazing basslines. But my favorite to play, though it's simple, is Birds. It just has this nice energy to it that I can play over and over and not get tired.
  4. “Is anybody out there?” Chris bellowed. The glowing crowd roared so loud I could feel the stands rattle. Another booming bassline hit us as Guy began playing another song. This was an incredible night to have go down as my first concert. One of the best effects the band had pulled together had to be the xylobands. The chunky glowing bracelets shifted and swirled through different color combinations and patterns. They became brighter with each cymbal crash and kept time with the steady beat right from the beginning of the show. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and every other color was present at one beautiful point or another that night at the Palace. “A Head Full of Dreams” started out the show. It was upbeat and brightened up the darker atmosphere left by the opening acts. Chris ran up and back energetically on the stage that extended out into the crowd. I was quite impressed, because singing alone takes a lot of breath. How did he do that and still sound amazing? Imagine all those calories he must have burned through the whole show. The music was entrancing and encompassed all the albums Coldplay had ever released. Chris and Johnny interrupted with their heavy accents, telling of when they met and of days spent in the little flat writing songs. When “Viva la Vida” began to play, the crowd cheered and joined excitedly in the chant to the delight of the band. Even today, Chris, Guy, Jonny, and Will seem amazed at the power of their music and the amount of people who enjoy it. When the band left we all started singing the melodious chant again to try to draw the band back out onto the heavily decorated, vibrant, floral stage. Then, much to our surprise, our xylobands began to glow and cycle through many different colors. Coldplay wasn’t done yet! A spotlight hit the crowd across from me and focused on a plain black stage situated in the middle of everybody seated there. Rather plain instruments rested on it. Accompanying this drab set up was Guy in his colorfully trimmed black jacket, Chris still wearing his rather sweaty, vivid teal shirt, and Will and Jonny in similar prismatically decorated clothing. Everyone began to noisily cheer and point excitedly. “So, we’re going to take a request now, and we really like the one we picked.” Guy stated. A girl came up on the screens and began to describe why she wanted her request honored. Her dad worked at the Palace as a guard and became great friends with many singers. He had died recently so she wanted his favorite Coldplay song, “‘Till Kingdom Come” played at the concert. Everyone began to sing along as it was played and the girl, named Sarah, sat on the stage and listened when invited to by Chris. “You can come closer, you know,” reassured Chris. He jokingly added, “We British people aren’t that scary, are we? I thought you liked our accents!” This earned a chuckle from Jonny, Will, and the crowd. Many of the songs from A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, and Parachutes were played, then the rest of the band left Chris. He played a little tune on his guitar, then joked around for a bit. The spotlight went out and our xylobands once again began to flare. Jonny, Will, and Guy were back on the main stage, and Chris ran through the crowd to meet them. “Adventure of a Lifetime” started up and pretty soon the whole stadium was humming with energy and dancing. Psychedelic balloons dropped from the ceiling and confetti showered from cannons on the edges of the stage. “Get down, everybody get down, stay down, shhhhhh…” was an order given by the band. My mom and I looked at each other then obeyed, slightly confused. “One two three four, one two, ready, go!” Chris yelled. We all jumped up and flames shot from the corners of the stage. Our xylobands flashed supernova bright, and the cheering was deafening. After about two hours in total of singing, Coldplay played Up & Up, a song about hope for the future. We can fix what’s going on in the world, no matter what we think. The band sang passionately and at the end laid out a flag that said “Believe in Love.” This was also echoed on buttons handed out with our bracelets. As we were leaving, the street lights reminded me of the lyric in “Fix You” that said “Lights will guide you home.” This was true that night, as we sang in the car and reflected on the unforgettable show. I can’t wait to see them again, and hope that it will eventually happen. That show plays through my head whenever I hear a song from the concert. All the cheering, excitement, and amazement brought on by a chance purchase of tickets will never fade. I love the band even more so than I did before.
  5. Ahh man. That would have been cool. I doubt she would have wanted to ship a piano to Michigan though. :smug2:
  6. There's a few that I've had my eye on that are older models, but still much better. $3,000 or so bucks though. Considering that I'm in high school now, and am going into way more difficult songs, I do need weighted keys. Just wondering how many babysitting jobs I would need to pay off a piano. It's crazy how much these things cost.
  7. I play piano and have been since first grade. Been stuck with unweighted keys this whole time though. :facepalm: We can't afford a better instrument. I am also currently learning guitar and love to sing! I do solos in my chorus sometimes.
  8. I love when stuff like this happens. My dad's favorite alternative station (that I really don't like) had a throwback Thursday event today and they played Yellow! It sure brightened my day. :omgomg:
  9. Now I do enjoy A Whisper. And after having seen Coldplay in concert, I have a new appreciation of Everglow.
  10. And "Drunken as a Daniel in a lion's den" kinda made sense to me because fear clouds emotions and logic, sort of like being drunk. I'm not certain, but does alcohol play any part in the biblical Lion Den story? EDIT: I read through that story and the closest thing I found was the word prohibition. But in this case the word referred to a prohibition against petitioning anybody but the king.
  11. And I always thought it was "Sipping at the poison takes away the pain"
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