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    Fix You
  1. Schau, ich habe meine Intuition bezahlt, die ich mir nicht leisten konnte Meine Mittel waren unzureichend, es fühlte sich an, als wäre ich im Gefängnis Bis ich merkte, dass ich mich frei fühlen musste Ich vertraue mehr Statistiken als ich mir vertraue May be quite obvious
  2. Viva La Vida I believe, thalases is "seas" i guess kosmo could be rise. Sorry for disappearing btw! I'll be ready for the next one.
  3. So I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can tell me something worth fighting for.
  4. For me I love all of the songs, but for some reason Miracles just feels like an instant classic. I feel like I have known it for years.
  5. Miracles is actually really brilliant. Suprised, I also really love Big Sean. Those chords, that gutar and the drums are awesome. Really loving it!
  6. Not sure I agree with that statement about western society.. At least in the UK it appears the tide is turning to a much more welcoming and loving mood as young people begin to rise up, as the band encourage them to do by the way. In the circle of generations, it will be the youth who turn it around, and its songs like this, and bands like Coldplay who help inspire that change.
  7. I really have no faith in humanity reading the comments, people suck.
  8. Didn't chart in the UK... This country, dear oh dear.
  9. Agree with that last sentence, jesus give Big Sean and the band a chance, you havent even heard the song. This is Coldplay remember, they dont make anything bad.
  10. Darling thats when I decided to go to see you
  11. On the drums for me either Fix You or Swallowed in the sea. They feel so energetic and lively. I also love In My Place and ETIAW due to the drum only sections.
  12. I dont think we listen to Coldplay for lyrical brilliance, but who cares! If this song makes you feel great, and emotional, no matter the lyrics then it has done its job. The atmosphere and mood in this song is just superb, it really gives me goosebumps. These guys never fail to disappoint. And the lyrics arent even THAT bad...
  13. I think we have to remember how good Coldplay are. I mean all of us here are Coldplay fans. This song is amazing in my opinion, and as has been said Coldplay arent gonna go back to AROBTTH era, but thats a great thing, because they are changing and evolving, But you can still here the Coldplay trademark sound in this song, which is extremely important. This song has no bearing on Kaleidoscope, so lets just enjoy it as a rather brilliant song and a third UK number 1 for the guys (fingers crossed). 4.6/5 for me!
  14. We goin get it, get it together right now
  15. and though you might be gone, and the world may not know
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