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  1. It took a few weeks to do the whole thing! but I'm really happy with how it turned out!
  2. its a map in minecraft! maps cover a land area of 128x128 blocks. so its REALLY big.
  3. this was made in survival minecraft! I'm super proud of how it turned out, hope ya'll like it!
  4. if you know each other a bit, or your families know each other, its a pretty simple operation. if she works in a restaurant, could you pop in by yourself while she is working? for coffee? make sure you tip her well, and talk to her if you have the chance. personal attention means everything in food service. and she will notice you if you are nice to her at her job. :)
  5. thanks! I play a lot of minecraft, and I think it would be a fun way to contribute to the community! I appreciate you pointing out the typo.. do you know how I can edit it?
  6. So I'm wanting to transfer coldplay album art into minecraft maps. Its a lot of work, but it looks super cool! what I'm wondering is if any of you have done minecraft coldplay related things, and which album art should I do first?
  7. hey! I'm looking to buy an AHFOD tour hoodie. I couldnt afford one at the concert, and the online store has been out of them since. I would need a Large or XL, and preferably a black one. if you see one, or have one for sale, please let me know!
  8. if you are looking for this kinda thing, I would suggest looking for cosplayers in your area that take commissions... some of them are just starting and are quite reasonable! and you can get it sized exactly to you!
  9. strawberry swing by coldplay no rain by blind melon
  10. I know! I love this place! it feels like home! <3 BELIEVE IN LOVE!
  11. I love how you were like, In the words of some singer named Chris, DONT PANIC. dont know why that made me laugh so hard
  12. I chose my real name, because I didn't know it would end up my username. I would prefer to use my gamertag that I use for everything. MoonsugarStrdust :)
  13. I'm grateful for the obvious fact, that if someone can write words into music that is like reading from you soul, then they get it. they have a brain that works like yours does, and you are NEVER alone in this world. there is ALWAYS someone who gets it. (thanks coldplay, you saved my life)
  14. welcome to the forums! I was a casual fan for quite some years until seeing them live this summer, and well, now, here I am! feel free to ask any questions to anyone here, we are all one big happy family! and most everyone here can tell you some obscure b-list song you are sure to love!
  15. I would love it, I'm just recently discovering the existance of b-sides, and it would be awesome. but I feel like it would have to be smaller crowds. I'm not sure the stage prescence for a b-side set list would be energizing enough for 90k people.
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