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  1. Hey Chris, you can do what you need to do. Freya from Metastorm
  2. They released a different track but apparently they have a trademark on car kids so who can say! ;)
  3. Apart from Aliens there is a Drizzy style owl under "Once Upon a time" and what looks like a "shadow Factory".... :) If you can get the light dim and flickery enough the artwork even seems to glow!
  4. Could use some help with this guys. I've got quite far with it by using a multi LED light and waving it a lot like in "Lets Talk". I know people think colour temperature makes a difference but I think it's more the difference between light and darkness. A flickering candle etc. (watch you don't burn the house down!). You need to do it in the dark of course! ;) Rotating the artwork helps too. Lots of fun aliens too if you can find them! :) "Every car is a way" apparently and there are 3 cars! This is what the Car Kids thing is I think. What have you found it the artwork? love Fr
  5. This music videos remind me of coldplay for some reason:
  6. I just wanted to talk. That's what I've been trying to do. A lot of stuff happened. I don't understand a lot of it. Your reasons why? There will have been reasons I'm sure but I don't know. Theres stuff I know and stuff I don't know. I expect you don't know things too. That's what I really wanted to do. To talk. I've been trying to find a way to do that. I'm not in a good situation for that. Sometimes I don't have the power. ;) Sometimes I don't have internet access. I know everyones talking about the other stuff... ...and I understand why... ...but I wanted to talk a
  7. I think that sometimes people mishear lyrics and then the songwriters like the misheard version even more. I'm going to upset people but I'm convinced that the lyrics in the original version of Sparks say "Oh Someone you know....." and not "sing one we know". Now that's going back some! ;) love Freya
  8. The Chainsmokers just dropped a new track! Really good song, although I'm not mad keen on Janus the deformed tiger. Not that I can talk as I have a history of drawing slightly deformed tigers (spent so many days drawing tigers for someone at one point!) but that's something to do with my drawing style. Janus didn't connect with me for some reason. I wish he did. Anyway really uptempo song that I can see a lot of people dancing and shaking it to. love Freya
  9. I'm not sure about Chris as Jiminy cricket either, I'd have to work out who would play the Blue Fairy before I went casting for Jiminy Cricket. :) Would this be a Disney live action thing? I bet they will do one sooner or later. love Freya
  10. I'm still trying to reach my friend and I'm not doing so well at the moment and I'm poorly... so I'm going to leave my contact address here so you can send me a postcard or something. Freya, 64-68 Commercial Street, London. E1 6LT U.K. I hope that helps. love Freya
  11. There is! Always! I'm going to have a poster made of that. It's perfect. Neatly sums up my life over the last few years. Thanks so much for that Captain you made me laugh at the start of a new day. love Freya
  12. I've lost a friend and I've been trying to contact him. I know he is into Coldplay and so I'm just going to post here because I've failed the other ways I've tried. I wanted to say If you are really struggling with things then I will try and be there for you so you can sort your head out a bit. Drop me a line! Lets Talk! I still have a sense of humour, even after everything that's happened. It helps me out when things are hard... ...but maybe I should be more careful. Careless talk costs lives... I know all about that. and maybe I should be careful about recycled jokes too! ;0 So
  13. Yes I'm doing a bit better today. I've been really upset since 4th July when I had one of those days where everyone said no to me. That's all I heard all day... we got your application... the answer is "no!". So I have a lot to deal with right now. I'd love to have more time for some pastimes... you know Suduko or something. Actually come to think of it that's not my thing at all but I have zero time right now... love Freya
  14. Well shoot an apple off my head! There are two Christophers?!!! Whoda thought. I'm guessing only one of them plays the piano though? I'd like to find a Christopher that plays the piano but I guess there are a lot of them! ;) It's not an uncommon name. Not sure where to start. It's been a long time too, so maybe he has taken up the tambourine by now? Or cooking. Maybe he is cooking something up! Christophers Culinary Delights cook book! ;) love Freya
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