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  1. Here's a report by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/a/rAk2el/varldsstjarnan-pa-hemligt-sverigebesok It says that Chris had a secret meeting in Stockholm with Max Martin, who produced 'Orphans'. It also shows pictures of Chris going for a walk on his own and giving autographs for fans outside the hotel.
  2. merril

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Perhaps they are all four together in California? As location of their performance of 'Paradise' during the 'Global Goal: Unite For Our Future Concert' Los Angeles was shown.
  3. I agree. Sadly no new music for the time being. And this was to be expected. Shortly after they had finished the Everyday Life tour, the Corona lockdown began, and for the last 8 weeks they have not been able to do anything together. As Chris said in the livestream:' I miss my brothers'. They surely have new ideas, but they can't record and discuss anything. Perhaps 11 May was originally intended to be the date of the release of a new album, but then came the virus.
  4. I also doubt the festival will take place, at least not this year. This is so sad, because they seem to have new songs. Chris hinted at it when giving his 'Together at Home' concert. It is strange that shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic Chris said they were not going on tour in the near future, He didn't think of a virus, though. I am glad they were able to release 'Everyday Life'.
  5. They should have given Chris more time to perform some music. After all, it was him who initiated the whole worldwide Show.
  6. It's US against the world
  7. That might be a hint, and the number above that expiration date, 586379, might also be a hint, but I don't know what it could mean.
  8. Today is Chris's birthday. He is 43. Happy birthday, Chris! May all your wishes for the new year of your life come true!
  9. A composition by Chris when he was 12 years old has been sold for £1,700. Wow! https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/chris-martin-song-coldplay-star-3887292
  10. the video above is the official video of 'Champion of the World' , but what is this? :
  11. The same for me, I love those catchy melodies and the lyrics are very uplifting. The video is good, too, but it is fairly simple, just retelling the story. I would have liked to see E.T. on his bike. I like the end when all the members, each on top of his own planet earth, are playing: Coldplay in command of the universe.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing! Are there more than these 3 songs on the EP and is there a video of the performance?
  13. I like the video. Whatever happens, the singer will stay with his girlfriend in good and bad days. And this is shown by them first dancing beautifully and finally, when they are old, slowly and awkwardly, but never letting each other go. And the oldfashioned clothes reflect the costumes of the 'Everyday Life' era.
  14. Here's the official Video of 'Cry, Cry, Cry'.
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