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  1. Coldplay's songs or part of them have been used in several movies, series and trailers, but as for commercials for certain products they once said: 'We wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we sold the songs' meanings like that.' That's why they turned down multi-million contracts from Gatorade, Coke etc. The contract with BMW will certainly be very profitable for them.
  2. I just saw an ad for the new all-electric BMW models with the soundtrack Higher Power. Though it seems a fitting soundtrack especially with the line 'This joy is electric' I am a bit disappointed. Didn't they say some years ago that they would never allow their music to be used for commercials?
  3. Human Heart is an acapella song, but why don't the four of them sing it? They did a lot of acapella singing while working with Brian Eno. Will has a great voice and so has Guy who has been a singer for his band Apparatjik and also Jonny doesn't sing badly. An acapella song with all the four of them singing - that would really be great!
  4. I agree, considering what Chris said about EL, that nobody would like to listen to those songs etc. I love EL and I still don't understand why they didn't promote that album more. If they had given as many interviews for EL as they did for HP the album would have been a great success and they would be able to include some of its songs in the set for Glastonbury.
  5. Thank you so much for all these interviews! I only listened to some of them. I am so glad to see all four members again, I missed them so much! Jonny seems to have made up his mind to speak more, which is great. But these interviews are quite pathetic. HP isn't a bad song, but it seems sort of unfinished. I don't think it deserves such a marathon of interviews. Coldplay obviously regrets not having promoted EL and now they are desperate to make up for it.
  6. I also love EL very much, but let's not judge the whole LP9 just by the first song they released. Coldplay have always surprised us. Perhaps the new album contains not only 'pop' songs but also some more experimental songs. If they want to tour again - and I hope they will - they need some new 'poppy' songs and 'Higher Power' is a fresh happy song. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of the album!
  7. Chris said this song would be out some day. So it might probably be part of the next album. The lyrics 'I loved you to the moon and back again' might indicate that MOTS will just be an album with a word from the 'spheres' in each song, so nothing spectacular.
  8. Chris often played Coldplay songs alone. Jonny, Will and Guy are probably not amused when Chris performs their songs without them. After all the songs belong to all of them. Let's hope they will soon play together again new songs!
  9. Coldplay's original version is much better!
  10. Chris turns 44 today. Happy birthday!
  11. When looking at Guy Berryman's instagram account, I realized he no longer says he is a member of Coldplay but only calls himself'Creative Director @ appliedartforms and @dawghaus curator'. Does this mean he has left Coldplay?
  12. Yes, and I am going to bake another one tomorow. Have you ever tried to sing 'The Scientist' backwards?
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