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  1. Does anyone have the video of Jonny and Chris hosting AT40 and them answering fan questions ?
  2. Also, there’s little video of him from February talking about Volkswagen cars or something
  3. Im not sure if this was posted or not , but Will was interviewed for a podcast called Lockdown dads in early March. It’s on YouTube.
  4. I should probably mention Will since he’s the only member I haven’t talked about and recently Im starting to appreciate him more. He’s starting to grow on me and I’m starting to fall for him I think lol One of the things I like about him is how strong he is. I feel as if he went through a lot. I like how eloquent he is. He’s a good speaker. He seems very intelligent. He’s obviously very talented. Chris said he’s like the base of the statue of the band , and I can’t think of a better way to describe him and I love that quality about him(that I can’t quite put into words as well as Chri
  5. Whenever I go on a forum and try to go to the next page , it just starts loading and never loads.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted or not but I love this photo of Phil that Guy took
  7. Some photos of Jonny from Coldplay’s performance For the Global Goal Concert for Global Citizen
  8. 1)viva la Vida 2) violet hill 3)politik 4) shiver 5) clocks
  9. I’d love to have a xyloband. Ohio ,USA
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