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  1. What is selling me the idea of them releasing something later this year (which I strongly believe) is their timeline showing the “Everyday Life” era ending in 2020... otherwise, they would have simply left it open; even if it’s just them changing things up, for whatever reason, they decided to end that era, making way for the release of new material (if it’s released this year, next or in 4 years -2024 😏- we don’t know).... yet!
  2. Guys...I really think it’s just the moon phases, they have been there since AHFOD!
  3. Hmm... let’s see what happens this 7/7.... but surely something must happen before the year ends!!
  4. Does someone remember some of the things posted? Maybe we can decipher it... just for fun! Even if it’s not legit 🙈😅
  5. Guys, what if it’s them “leaking” the song? 🧐
  6. Thank you stepstr, that is exactly what I meant!!
  7. Yeah, we can’t really know for sure, but check this pictures, they officially ended it on their timeline; and the year and era ends, a new era begins...
  8. Guys.... Everyday Life Era has officially ended!!!
  9. Yessss, 24 absolutely means something now!!!
  10. Yes!!! Whatever they are brewing...I’m super excited!!!!!
  11. This is actually a really interesting theory... it fits perfectly with the jazz-spacey-old-pop-alternative supposed vibe for LP9..... Collier would be a great candidate/teacher/ "new Eno" to guide them for combining all of the different sounds!!!!!!!!!
  12. How is it possible that I agree with every single comment in this section?! Hahahahaa, anyhow, I really think something spacey, 60ish would be a great addition to the Coldplay repertoire.
  13. I'm pretty sure COVID-19 changed everything...nut lets keep an eye open!
  14. Omgs! Tinfoil hats on Coldplayers!!! If it is a clue, there must be a correlation between everything they have actually teased, which in this case is the booklet info...
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