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  1. I’m exited to listen to the whole album through, and catch whatever idea they are trying to communicate, experience the Spheres as they were deemed by their masters! Actually I’m really excited for all the tiny instrumentals between songs too!!
  2. Ahhhh, another big difference between the Coldplayers and Army… leaks, we are used to them 😆
  3. Me neither, and that is making me as anxious as waiting for the release on Friday… 🥲
  4. Then, lets hope for some cool alien 👽 harmonization leading to Let Somebody Go! 😉😅
  5. Yess!! I’m hoping it’s 100 times better... it’s has to be 😫... no offense to Cry Cry Cry though 😅!
  6. Yesss!!! It’s sounds so familiar, yet I don’t have any idea what will happen for 3:46 minutes 🙈!
  7. Let’s hope it’s 53 seconds of cool alien harmonization!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌👽😎😜
  8. I’m excited for this track, the only clip we’ve got sounds kind of underwhelming, but the ending, when the “biutyful” tracks off, gives me major Sigur Rós vibes... and I’m living for it!! I’m hoping it’s going on that direction! Please!! 🙏
  9. Sooo, I guess The race won’t be released on Music Of the Spheres Vol. 1 😔... let’s hope it come son Vol.2!
  10. What?! Is this for real? The whole album?!! That’s so wrong! Who is saying this?!!! What is happening?! 😟🙃 Where is the respect for the artist?! 😠
  11. This album is sure going to be something to unpack!! And hearing the trailer, it does feel like a whole new universe, outside the Coldplay universe we know... which I guess is what they were aiming at. New sounds and flavors, Coldplay for sure, never do the same thing twice!
  12. Some are suspecting it’s gonna be a three part album; being this section of songs, the first part...
  13. Okay... those snippets from various songs, so much to unpack... I got the feeling I was changing radio stations 👁👄👁... can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing! 🙈😅😂
  14. I really don’t know how to feel about this, I just really hope Max Martin is trying to be more experimental and is trying some new sounds himself, working with the band to create something bigger than them, and himself; as in: I hope he isn’t trying to make something formulaic, but that he is pushing his own boundaries to grow too... let’s hope the guys are strong enough to not “follow the crowd” blindly and stand strong with their convictions on what sounds they like!
  15. Arabesque vs Crests of Waves
  16. It could also mean three special music videos in this realm, with this style by the same director... 🧐
  17. Agree, it has so many parallels with so many of their previous videos... it’s just... Im excited!
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