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  1. I really don’t know how to feel about this, I just really hope Max Martin is trying to be more experimental and is trying some new sounds himself, working with the band to create something bigger than them, and himself; as in: I hope he isn’t trying to make something formulaic, but that he is pushing his own boundaries to grow too... let’s hope the guys are strong enough to not “follow the crowd” blindly and stand strong with their convictions on what sounds they like!
  2. Arabesque vs Crests of Waves
  3. It could also mean three special music videos in this realm, with this style by the same director... 🧐
  4. Agree, it has so many parallels with so many of their previous videos... it’s just... Im excited!
  5. Posted this on The main LP9 forum... but I think it belongs here too 😂😎🙈...
  6. Does anyone know who is possibly directing this video?!
  7. No, it was I Ran Away: “I’m gonna come on out, and burn the sky..”
  8. Can you see the other gifs I uploaded? They appear hidden and I don’t know how to change that , they are extra clues...
  9. Here are other clues, btw, I’m describing lyrics from the song...
  10. Up in Flames vs True Love
  11. Omgs! That could have been the perfect answer because it makes perfect sense with the gifs... but no! 🙈🙈😂 hahaha 😆
  12. I always love how Planeta Coldplay always creates this cool extended/cover/remix/ songs out of snippets and small portions of songs... what do you think MOTS is actually going to sound like? Did we get it fully on the Glastonbury set? Or is it going to be longer?! I think we have officially hear all of it, it’s just an amazing intro....
  13. What you said at the end is really interesting, and I’ve been thinking the same way... there is a reason why they decided to enter on this legal thing to get the name Music Of The Spheres, to my knowledge, you don’t need a trademark to name a record, or produce merchandise, because anything you produce, would land under the brand “Coldplay”... it would be more like a copyright ©... buts it’s almost as if they’re creating a new brand or something like this... please let me know if I’m right or completely wrong about this because I know absolutely nothing about this legal stuff... Anyhow, t
  14. Thank you Stephen!!! I agree, I just always wondered if there was one!! Hehe 😉 Coldplaying is the best! 😭🙌
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