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  1. happy holidays to you too, dear :nice:

  2. hope you have a great Christmas, Far! [IMG]

  3. have a great Christmas, li'l sis! [IMG] [IMG]

  4. hope you have a great Christmas, Lauren! [IMG]

  5. merry christmas! [IMG]

  6. happy holidays, Annette! [IMG] [IMG]

  7. merry christmas, Tammi!

  8. happy holidays, Perrine! [IMG]

  9. happy holidays, sweet Julie! [IMG] [IMG]

  10. happy holidays, Brooke! [IMG] [IMG]

  11. thanks, Anna! Happy Holidays to you too. And thanks for all your help around the board! [IMG] [IMG]

  12. thanks! Feliz Navidad to you and yours! [IMG] [IMG]

  13. great review! March was a busy month! :) had to vote for Ryan's Mini adventure
  14. great job, dear! :nice: i had a hard choice between Apparatjik and Spanish Rain, but chose Apparatjik cause they don't play Spanish Rain anymore :snobby:
  15. i hope someone got vids or snappy snaps of that eyesex! :wideeyed:
  16. thanks, dear! go post in the thread and vote! :whip: :P:

  17. Right...so, the end of the decade meant house cleaning for Coldplay, and for a few lucky (and wealthy? :P) Coldplayers, it meant taking home pieces of that memorabilia. Also, by month's end, we watched the boys become immortalized in yellow animation in the much anticipated appearance on The Simpsons. All the while, sending a message of hope to a quake-ridden Haiti. Soldiering on... JANUARY 1 Coldplayers spend over on £70,000 ($120,000) on End-of-Decade Clearout Sale If you recall, last December Coldplay held an auction to sell 10 years worth of their most treasured nostalgia
  18. ace! he's quite jittery and fidgeting during that whole video isn't he? :laugh3:
  19. i'm good! just trying to keep warm here :p what's winter like down under? :)

  20. i'm soo late, but happy birthday cutie! :nice:

  21. i'll take January. i had a blast covering July last year :nice:
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