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  1. Infinity Sign and Coloratura together is maybe their best album ending duo. If only the transition between those two songs was a bit smoother.
  2. Okay this sounds fun. I am also trying to put something together which could make sense and would maybe also be a setlist I would love to hear live.🙂 I try to create a setlist that fits to the theme of the new album that includes spacy sounds, their big hits obviously and also of course a lot of songs from the new album. I copied the setlist-structure of the first post because it looked really well and I can imagine them going with "different" stages again! A Stage MOTS 1 Higher Power Humankind Yellow Clocks Paradise (it feels like Paradise after Clocks
  3. Hey guys! Does anybody have the sheets to this version of The Escpaist + some extra Piano stuff after the main song ends? Link:
  4. Thanks man! I really missed it o_O Hope we hear it on their next tour :rolleyes: btw. what are you looking exactly into regarding The Race?
  5. I think i am going with Old Friends this time.
  6. btw. Does anybody know (i am sure you all know) at what time (minute) of the film they play The Race? I rewatched the documentary and i must have missed the part with The Race completely :eek:
  7. BrokEn But only because the live version of WOTW/POTP was so cool!
  8. Wow! That's very cool for all those who couldn't attend the gig. I really would have loved to be there, but i don't blame the band for it. Even if they gave out more tickets, i couldn't go there because: no money, no time. :D So that is very nice to share this with us!!! Großes Dankeschön und Grüße aus Südwest-Deutschland zurück :)
  9. BBC Radio 1 uploaded Arabesque, Daddy and Everyday Life on Youtube!
  10. I can't get the Lovers in Japan Version out of my head. It's so good and even better than the acoustic version. Now i got the feeling that i would love to hear an album with rearranged songs in the future! :D
  11. I really liked the Guns-version and of course Lovers in Japan was PERFECT! I can see them playing Everyday Life at a lot of concerts. Jonny makes this song a little bit more complete in the live-version!
  12. Coldplay are you out there? Coldplay won't you come and play? Cause you're sooooooooooooo faaaaaaaarrrrr aawwaaaaaaayyyy
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