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  1. Right now? My favorite song, right now? Let’s see. It’s probably country. Or maybe leaning towards pop. Or… it might be more towards some older music. Yeah, probably something older. And… more acoustic. Patsy Cline - Turn The Cards Slowly
  2. LOVECRAFT COUNTRY by Matt Ruff was languishing in one of my "to-be-read" piles until I watched the trailer for the upcoming HBO series. I like the episodic nature since it connects with a variety of shared experiences and am extremely curious how the show will handle this. Also, the fact that deliberate racism is more dangerous/ more vile than uncaring cosmic horror worked well for me here.
  3. Last one I binge-watched was The Good Place but until Season 2. I'll continue on my next day-off. onplanners
  4. I'm not bored yet - I have loads to do because we have 121 trees and it’s pruning season. Reading. Cooking. Creating
  5. Are you male or female? Moses Describe yourself Up With The Birds How do you feel about yourself Low Describe your boy/girlfriend Last? Describe what you want to be Feeling Happy Where would you rather be? Amsterdam Describe how you live In My Place Describe how you love True Love Share a few words of wisdom Don't Panic
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