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  1. A message Singing along in my car on the way home in the rain... :smug:
  2. This made me pee. :) And THAT almost made me pee :lol:
  3. The task I've set myself! I'm moving to the city so instead of buying a car (which I don't really need) I'm gonna buy a guitar (which I don't need either but it's a hell of a lot cheaper!! :lol: ). Anyone know anything about guitars? Want to get a half decent one off ebay but don't have a clue about them! :embarrased: I play the saxophone so I can read music. Not going into it totally blind! :cool:
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: Class! Their expressions in the pirate one are hilarious! :lol:
  5. fudge


    noted! ;) I'm an idiot. haha. My Geography is terrible :embarrased:
  6. This is rubbish. Sorry!
  7. fudge


    cheers guys. Already feel welcome so thanks :) (I don't even know where half these flags are from :lol: DOH! :wink3: :stunned: ) Ted, I wasn't expecting that much from them anyway! I think that's why the tartan army has such a good reputation. They're so used to losing that they just enjoy themselves either way! :lol: where bouts you from?
  8. Aw no! that's a shame! I always hear of people who make loads more money from stuff on ebay. I never have! In fact I've lost it on a couple of occasions. Money that is!" :rolleyes: :lol:
  9. have had a few today. FIx you on Living, Speed of Sound on one of the music channels, and Square One in the car....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :D
  10. hehe, these are great. Gonna have to get busy with the photoshop to keep up! :lol:
  11. :lol: :lol: Me and my friend do that one :lol: :lol: Just bought series 2 on DVD today. Absolutely pissing myself at the fat fighters one where Marjory gobs in Vanessa Feltz's face. :lol: Ok...pictures.... Chris looking slightly Vulcan there! :lol:
  12. fudge


    Sorry I missed this bit. Already been posting away! Hi everyone :D Jen, 23, Scotland! :lol:
  13. fudge

    Q awards

    According to radio 1 there's gonna be a fight between chris and Liam Gallagher at the Q awards because Liam called Gwyneth a 'gawky bird'. Anything for a bit of drama, eh?
  14. Sorry! Little Britain http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/tv/littlebritain/index.shtml. It's hilarious! :D
  15. Nettie, you're funny :lol: I especially like the 'look into my eyes' - Good LB reference there! ;) - and the Kelly one. hehe.
  16. Ads for The Biggest Loser on Living - FIx You Was feeling a little emotional one day and it brought a tear to my eye :lol: (Time of the month perhaps... :lol: )
  17. Great wallpaper nettie! :D That'll brighten up my computer!
  18. I got mine back in March before I went to Italy for 3 months. I had been there about a week when there was an electrical storm while it was charging and it froze! My heart froze as well I think! :lol: But luckily all the music survived. Don;t know how I would have coped without it! I really think it's the best thing ever invented! :idea2:
  19. That's what I was planning too. :D Just hope the weather is ok!! :army: I arrive on the 15th so was maybe gonna find out what kind of time people are queuing at then. Saturday I was thinking - bus tour, Eye, shopping then bus to airport. I'd quite like to go out on Friday night too, but I think I'll have to dip into my life savings for that! :lol: (Not that I have any life savings btw. Maybe I could sell my car... ;) ) I'm poor too Mandy! :lol: But it'll be worth it! :D
  20. Four fingers and still a great drummer! :lol:
  21. :lol: Yeah, exactly. Personally I find Paul Weller's music pretty bland and not particularly memorable. I went to see James Blunt last weekend at the Barrowlands in Glasgow and enjoyed it a lot. Great atmosphere. Great guy. And great support band!! 'The Boy Least Likely to'. I was really impressed. :D God that sounded like a review didn't it? :lol: 'Great night out for all the family...5 stars all round!'
  22. I'm planning on making a kind of 'weekend in london' out of it so trying to sell it has a holiday! With an added extra of course! :lol: What time do you reckon I should start queuing at Steph? I'm prepared to be in it for the long haul! :lol:
  23. Manly? Magical? Masculine? Mayonnaise? Too much time on my hands???...yeah you could say that! Just in from the pub to an empty house...so sorry! :embarrased: :lol: Going to watch 4 Music now! Mandy McNabb. :wink3: haha. Yeah, probably is :wink3: He's just giving you a shout-out :lol: I just found out yesterday my friend who's coming to Earls Court with me on the 16th is going to Italy for a year so she's most likely not going to be able to go. I've already booked flights... :/ Trying to find another friend who likes Coldplay (or me) that much that they'd be wi
  24. Not too big, but not too small! I hear ya! Feel like Goldilocks! :lol:
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