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  1. girls! :lol: calm it! Alessa, is that from the gig for MTV? I saw that when I was in Italy. Was there for 3 months, alone, so it was great to see something familiar!! loved it! :)
  2. look at jonnys eyes....think we know who 'green eyes' is for now! :lol:
  3. Ok, just a few. My puter crashed in the process so I'll get more! :D
  4. that is hilarious! :lol: You're gonna have to change it cos I'm gonna laugh everytime I see it! :lol:
  5. pity apple isn't called custard.... :wink3: what about Pear? Apple and Pear? :lol:
  6. it's rubbish as well. What bothers me is that if coldplay release SQ1 as a single stupid kids are gonna say "oh, it sounds like that ashley simpson song!" Idiots! :angry:
  7. I think I'm gonna try and get some screen caps tonight...watch this space! :lol:
  8. A rush of blood to the head couldn't get it out my head all day at work!
  9. Where are the men like this in the UK more to the point?! :lol:
  10. I voted for Warning Sign. But again (being the indecisive person that I am) I also love GPASUYF, In my Place, Green Eyes, The Scientist, and clocks.
  11. oh god! Can't choose!!!! :lol: Square One, White shadows, Fix you, Talk, Speed of Sound, A Message, Swallowed in the Sea, Till Kingdom come... :/
  12. it would be between shiver, yellow, don't panic, trouble, and everything's not lost. I couldn't choose tho. It changes everyday! :rolleyes:
  13. I remember seeing the yellow video and thinking....oooh me likey this...then thinking....phwoar....( :lol: )....then thinking.......it was all yellow? :huh: Also remember discussing it with my friends and this new band called coldplay....ahhh...the memories! :) :lol: So that's my story!
  14. lolly pop, are you deaf?! :lol:
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