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  1. don't worry about it. I love Colin Firth and he's like double my age! :lol:
  2. awwww, mandy! :lol: She's looks quite stylish in the Verona pictures tho if it's her. I think it is her by the by. Why would Will be sitting on his own like that with one of the assistants?
  3. :lol: ok! :P I'll have a listen today.
  4. How tall is gwyneth?!!! :o (or how short is the other one?! :lol: )
  5. Awww...love the Mo Mowlem one. Great woman! Such a loss in politics - Some honesty!
  6. so what was the gist of the interview? I'm tired and I can't be bothered listening to it tonight! :lol: Give me bulletpoints! ;)
  7. I HOPE SO!!!! 14th! 14th! 14th! :D NO!!!!! 16th!!!!!!! And me screaming my head off in the front row! :lol:
  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwww that's so great! :D Love him :blush: :kiss:
  9. The Scientist for when my grandpa died. And more recently Fix You because my parents split up. Tough times and the guys have helped me through! :)
  10. I say noggin :wink3: Not all the time mind you!
  11. dunno but the series 2 DVD is out. Only 6 episodes :cry: But good extra features. I have a strange crush on David Walliams. I think it's cos he's tall and funny! :lol:
  12. How can they know the title already?! Is that not like one of the last things they decide? I think you've been had! :lol: Street lights tho...maybe gangsta rap. I bet chris is gagging to do it!
  13. :lol: Im only joking, ahhhh...sarcasm! :lol:
  14. no nettie, for christ's sake! go and do it now!!!! :angry:
  15. its the pumped up on E that got me wondering! :lol:
  16. definately! would love to listen to them just mucking about and seeing how the songs come together. How cool would that be!
  17. what the hell are you guys on about?! :lol:
  18. :lol: exactly! hold out, you'll get the right job eventually!
  19. :lol: Good one Nettie! ;) I just got a job I don't really want kekita, you want it? It's in insurance....say no more! :lol:
  20. :lol: It's funny that video. they've got such a good sense of humour. I love it!
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