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  1. definately Yellow. The Scientist? Too slow for you maybe? I'd say try your own version of Speed of Sound. Might be quite cool! And just because I love it, Bigger, Stronger. Think that would sound great and not everyone will realise it's a cover ;) :lol:
  2. Square one Is there anybody out there who, Is lost and hurt and lonely too, Are they bleeding all your colours into one? And if you come undone As if you've been run through Some catapult it fired you You wonder if your chance'll ever come Or if you're stuck in square one...... AMAZING! :) Gonna use it in my sig actually.........
  3. fudge

    Talk Single

    I may be wrong but I don't think it would do well as a single. But, Swallowed in the Sea is up there as one of my favourites on the album. just love the change of key or whatever it is. gives me goosebumps! :D
  4. oh god! what a question! :lol: What's your style?
  5. Do you mean make our own t-shirts? I tried that when I was younger. Buggered it up. Not only ruined my t-shirt but my Mum's iron too :lol: oopsh!
  6. fudge

    Talk Single

    I thought talk should be the next single. I think it'd do really well in the UK. esp in the club scene. I heard a dance version on radio 1 and it was actually really good. Can see me shaking ma booty to it on the dancefloor! :lol: (only jokin :blush: )
  7. all us will fans are in different time zones...it's never going to work! :lol:
  8. did he not say in an interview (maybe on Live 2003 DVD) "you can call me what you want, just dont tell me I'm going bald" or something like that :/ can't really remember.
  9. yeah it's pretty silly. But a great idea! BTW, I absolutely love your avatar, it makes me giggle! meant to mention that before :lol:
  10. yeah I did Steph thanks! :D But I need to wait an hour before I can download it! :lol:
  11. holy crap, you really captured a moment in time there! :o that's fantastic!
  12. I like the sound of X&Y. You can really hear the whole electro-pop influence. It's a great move for them I think, and they seem to realise they need to move on from it. I'm excited about the new album already! :lol:
  13. it's really naaaaaasty!! Feel for ya Soup! And thanks for the vids, they're great! :D
  14. eeek, that's shit. Especially as its the blue room :/ I'll keep my eye out for you for another one! :)
  15. Jonny's looking slightly afraid of his :stunned: :lol:
  16. It wasn't me! :lol: I was only making a more detailed observation ;) :lol:
  17. On Apple?! I hope not! :lol:
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