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    CFU Group Names?

    CFUsers is a good un! :D Catchy, exactly MC!
  2. :lol: look at them pretending to be hard :lol:
  3. I was disappointed there's only 6 episodes tho! Put on the 2nd DVD expecting to see some more episodes but there wasn't any! :( But the extras are great tho! Especially the comic relief sketches. I missed that because I was in Italy so was great to see them. Loving Robbie Williams as a "LADY!" :lol:
  4. awww how cute do they look?! :kiss:
  5. I don't think so Steph, but I could be wrong. God knows whats on sky now! :lol:
  6. lovely picture!! :D thanks Nettie.
  7. Aw bless he's like a little kid! :D bad trousers tho! :lol:
  8. hullo! fine ta. Bit tired. Out last night, only had few hours sleep then had to do lots of driving today. Feeling a bit out of it now! :dozey: :lol: Just downloading some B sides for my ipod. Had a little accident with it about a month ago and all the music was wiped off it :/ So having to put it all on again. Pain in the ass! :(
  9. great icons...just gowing to find a use for them all.... :lol:
  10. evenin :D Have we all had a good saturday? Would love to see the Christmas video steph if you can manage it! Watched the nappies the other day for the first time. Nearly ended myself laughing! :lol:
  11. on that note. Off to bed! Wisdom teeth hurting! :( (not due to twinkies! :lol: )
  12. :sweatdrop: :lol: Good on ya!
  13. 2! None of my friends like them either. Had to beg someone to go with me to Earls Court! But I'm proud to be a fan! So should you an cat. Tell those people to fuck off. You're the cool one! ;)
  14. :lol: he is looking a tad skinny isn't he? This this is the one that made me realise! Probably just run-down. :( bless!
  15. worth a shot. They can only rip them off our backs :lol: Which is fine by me...But only if the band get to do it! :P
  16. Did you cut out all those heads yourself RJ? :lol:
  17. lol, well Jonny has already tried the moustache on for size :lol:
  18. No way Steph, I agree. I REALLY liked Coldplay before but X&Y has been the push to get me to be willing to pay over £200 to go and see them live! :lol:
  19. This entire messageboard is tame compared to some I've seen. Some would make you never want to go online again! :lol: A good debate is healthy and its good to hear everyone's point of view! :D
  20. I quite like that they're not afraid to try new things. X&Y is a great stepping stone I think. So many bands I've liked (and I guess still like) keep churning out the same stuff. It's just boring quite frankly.
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