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  1. lol, which ponders the question, what will it be called?? i cant wait until the next album!!!! :D
  2. oh, soz, i didnt see urs!! lol i havent post on here for ages!!! :P
  3. hahaha, like ur sig ;) (panda) btw, great work with this charity club, it will be a success, im sure of it! :d
  4. count me in too please, i always want to make a difference on issues such as this, i would be more than happy to contribute my money towards this, the thing is i dont have a credit card so i dont think i can use paypal, it may seem like a silly question but could i contribute by SMS (text message) somehow? because some services do use SMS. this obviously ties in with everyday life for me since im an a level politics student, im studying pressure groups at the moment, and i would be intrested in a future in politics, so i would definetly join it, thanks for your time!!!
  5. The streets, snow patrol, keane, embrace, stereophonics (live)
  6. how long do you have to wait for sendspace? ive been waiting ages and nothings happened! can anyone put it on yousendit or savefile or turboupload? cheers!
  7. yeh, we should at least get 2 awards, that normally happens!
  8. hahahaha, i just had to laugh at the question with the felt tip on the hand!!! :lol:
  9. lol, its on the news section now! thanks @ the webowner people for putting my username down ;) it was actually luck that i listened to it, i turned it off at first cos robbie was on and was turning it on again to change the station to kerrang when i heard hardest part on radio 1. its the proudest thing i have ever done online! :D anyway... its not certian but radio 1 wouldnt be lying. months ago, i heard the hardest part on a local radio station (brmb) and the play 'popular music' (the play speed of sound a lot) and they played it so it must be pretty popular! :)
  10. nah, its okay now! thanks anyway! ;)
  11. thank you very much! and another thank you for putting it in savefile cos rapidshare doesnt work for me! thanks a lot! :D
  12. wow! this threads grown a lot since i last saw it! whos got a video of this white shadows at jools holland?
  13. i listened again and they said its the new single and its out at the start of april. anyway, gtg, cya everyone ;)
  14. im going to listen to the album chart show again just in case ive missed anything out
  15. i wouldnt call it shit, its not the best song but its still good.
  16. it makes sense though, there are 2 parts of the album, X then Y 2 releases from X (talk + fix you) and Y (speed of sound + the hardest part) a message could also be used instead of hardest part as its the same tempo while the others cant. There a pattern tempo's of the single - e.g. - 'hard' 'soft' 'hard' 'medium' like from AROBBTH - in my place, the scientist, clocks then GPASUYF X&Y - Speed of sound, fix you, talk, The hardest part Hardest part has to be released in the UK if radio 1 annouced its the next single, didnt it? :confused:
  17. lol, i must be really unlucky then! :lol: its proberly all the christmas songs and songs of 2005 that keep on getting played all the time!
  18. hey, i didnt put a 'sparky, you are the best' option on there did i? :/
  19. well , talk got virtually no tv play, i have all the music channels yet the last time i saw talk was early december :o . btw, all coldplay songs are going to get played lots on the radio no matter what!
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