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  1. Did you receive cassettes from Coldplay.com?
  2. what's the order status at Coldplay.com?
  3. I've sent information via contact form at Coldplay.com a few days ago, but no answer. Moreover, the status of my order is: Closed, and ship status is: Not shipped. What does it mean? Is it the same for you?
  4. Hi, I have Paradise promo, but I doubt if it's legit. Text on the back cover is difficult to read. Can you help me knowing if it's legit?
  5. For me: Amazing Day and The hardest part. So infantile for me...
  6. Thanks for this ! Any others ? I remember Ghost Stories was also HMV edition with postcards
  7. Hi Guys, does anyone heard about special editions of this EP? Like Taiwanese or japanese with OBI strips ?
  8. I still wonder if it's a fake. They have similar box by U2, and it was legit: http://www.u2songs.com/discography/u2_the_italian_collection_box_set
  9. Hi Guys, have you heared about Coldplay Itallian Colection Box that includes all the Cd's and DVD's ?
  10. Guys, what about a Paradise CD-R ? I have two, one with silver and one with white label. Do you know anything about them ?
  11. Guys, I have one question does the AHFOD on pink and blue vinyls are offered only via Coldplay webstore ? Or in standard stores as well ?
  12. Hi All :) Does anybody know if the Up in Flames promo really exists and where to find it ?
  13. Does anybody know where an european guy can buy a Target Edition without paying to much at ebay ? :)
  14. I'm not familiar with apple stuff, but can anyone tell me if I will be able to watch it in iTunes ?
  15. I've been to Barcelona concert in 2009. At the fence of the stadium it was written that this show was suppossed to be recorded for dvd. Does anyone know what happened with that recording and why it hasn't been published ?
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