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  1. Yeah no luck on tickets. But a few of the different contest to win tickets to the 19th show ends today so winners should be announced soon. Though I am sure I won't win. Anyways I have my weekend one vip tickets to Coachella next year. Here is to hoping Coldplay headlines on their 2015 tour.
  2. I thought the same thing about Sleeping Sun. But at least Chris "mumbles" better in Ghost Story than he does in Sleeping Sun.
  3. iTunes has a few of the books in iBooks. Both the PVG and Guitar Recorded Version. You can download a sample of the books that has the first few pages of the first song. You can then see how the songs are transcribed.
  4. The Guitar Recorded Version of the tab books are 99.9% accurate in my opinion. And that is judging from playing them and watching the artist play the songs. In the Coldplay books, bar chords even tell you to use the thumb for the top E string just like Chris Martin does unlike other musicians who will just bar their index finger across all the strings. And it is not just chords. It is notes, strum patterns, and they sometimes even tell you how to play the chord. They also sometimes transcribe piano and other instruments for guitar. The PVG books I believe are just the songs arranged in a st
  5. Hey Guys. I currently own all of the Coldplay Guitar Recorded books for all of the albums and I was wondering if anybody knew exactly how long after an album is released that the Hal Leonard music books are released? P.S. Also does Coldplay help with the tabs or are there just guitar experts who decipher the music accurately and tab it out themselves?
  6. Oh crap I was too busy being unproductive at work trying to get tickets this morning that I have been working all day to make up for it and didn't think to check to see if these tracks have leaked until now. I guess I missed out on the leak. :(
  7. Stupid scalpers. A bunch of tickets are now listed on Ebay at over $2500.
  8. P.S. the StubHub listing was just created, but no tickets listed yet.
  9. I will pay more the the previous two people in this thread!!!
  10. I wonder if the gap between Fly On and O is a lot longer and they just shorten it for the First Play. Basically an extra 2 minute gap.
  11. Always in my Head - 10 Magic - 10 Ink - 10 True Love - 9.9 Midnight 9.8 Another's Arm - 10 Oceans - 10 A Sky Full of Stars - 9.9 Fly On - 10 O - 10
  12. Can you post the songs on YouTube so I can listen? :D

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