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  1. YEOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Here's my list of super duuper fantastic mind-blowing albums from a great year....2006!! 1. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open 2. The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out 3. Sams Town - The Killers 4. These Streets - Paolo Nutini 5. Razorlight - Ralzorlight 6. James Morrison - Undiscovered 7. Ta Dah! - Scissor Sisters 8. Costello Music - The Fratellis 9. Beautiful World - Take That 10. Twelve Stops and Home - The Feeling 11. Alright, Still - Lily Allen 12. 9 - Damien Rice 13. Loose - Nelly Furtado 14. Future sex/love sounds - Justin Timberlake 15. Move Along - The All American R
  2. What's MY age again!? - Blink 182
  3. THE KOOKS....all the way!!! The Clash OR Aerosmith
  4. D - Don't look back into the sun, The Libertines
  5. emmm...i think i know who trivium are...so i shall choose them!! LOL duke special or editors
  6. Nice to meet you too July!! hey, it's better late than never!!:lol:
  7. Teeth is something i notice first in guys...actually in people in general!! I love teeth!! :lol:
  8. Nice to meet you too Ophelie! I feel rather silly for being proud, but you know what, I'm a silly person, so it's all good!! :lol:
  9. That was just my 100th post!! I feel so amature compared to you guys :blush: but i've got a new status now! im so proud!! :lol:
  10. like steph said its sammy...an hi to bibou and julimp (sorry i dont know your names either) :D From the sounds of this convo...i wanna no wat this guy Steph's on about is like as wel...im darn right nosy!! :lol:
  11. Hey there everyone!!! How is everyone tonight?! :D
  12. I liked her with him!! I think he thought he couldn't behave the way he is acting now (like a giant ape!!) because she was taller than him...she wore the trousers in that relationship!! :lol:
  13. Chille con Carne....I love kidney beans...cept they look like tiny kidneys, which sometimes puts me off!! :lol: does anyone else like kidney beans!? Im being pretty random here!! :lol:
  14. H - Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
  15. definatly!! I mean, we never heard of Katie Holmes since Dawsons Creek and once she got together with Tom Cruise, they were all over each other in front of every camera they could see...like seriousli...thr is a time and a place!! i sounded quite angry there...i wasnt really...i think its an impression i give?! :lol: now im being random...hmmmm
  16. Yea i definatly agree!!! Im so happy other ppl lik them!! :lol: so many of my frnds rnt reali into them at all!! I love chapstick, chapped lips and things lik chemisty!! I reali luv the drums an the electric guitar!! and in love wit the 80's, the lyrics are pretty stupid...but i cant help but sing along!!! :lol:
  17. Gal...that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! I'm sure that was more fun than any suicide assignment!!! :P Hey Will btw!!!! :lol:
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