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  1. In no particular order (two have been played but very rarely or very long ago...) Moses Ghost Story I Ran Away Moving To Mars Warning Sign
  2. I Do !!!! I've loved it forever and think it's super underated. I got goosebumps every time I saw this....[ATTACH=CONFIG]32516[/ATTACH] and I saw it a lot of times on that tour....
  3. If you could go back in time and whisper into your own ear, what secret bit of wisdom would you impart to your twenty year old self? Individually or to yourselves collectively as a band.
  4. This pic is Beck trying to get Chris to come back to the front of the stage
  5. And BTW Christa42 ...are you about to get another dump of snow your way?
  6. Yeah, I thought either I or the teleprompter had it wrong as soon as I heard it..... But wasn't it pretty. And Chrissy's camera stares were not anything to be noticed. really. I barely noticed them and don't even know why I'm mentioning his straight into the camera, blue eyed stares. really. Nor was his immediate duck to the back of the stage to let Beck take the applause not his usual charming, adorable, self either. nope. he's just so gross, i really don't know why I even bothered to watch tonight. really.
  7. And where is everyone....was nobody else blown away by Beck with Chris' vocals like I was. That was fuckin' gorgeous background vocals on a impeccable song. C'MON!! .....thank you gai!
  8. And Chrissy was staring through the TV at me. Really. Me. Not Y'all.
  9. Dayuum that was gorgeous.... And it was introduced as CM- 'winner of 2 grammy's tonight"...??? Did they win something?
  10. I like the darker version and this larger text- easier on the eyes for insomniac, late-night, Cping ....thanks Sparky
  11. and by that, Dear Christa means us old bitties with freakin' bifocals. ....and hey you!!!! I LOVED my Xmas Card. :kiss: AAaAAAaaaand, I now I've said it before but this time I've been working my ass off and mean it. I've got one tidy little concert travel budget I'm hoarding so bring on LP7. I will now stop hijacking this thread to write what should have just been PM'd LOL .....carry on people.
  12. I second Christa's affirmation.....hope we get a few grittier renditions come LP7 tour.
  13. Okay, really....??? So my only post in ages is to school you vocabularily challenged youngsters...(see what I did there) in the meaning and origin of milquetoast. It's from some cartoon in the 20's depicting a super meek and mils character. And he was named after the invalid food 'milktoast', which is toast......in milk. .......And Atlas was freakin' awesome.
  14. I did the same thing Sparky....we should have gotten extra credit points for counting Phil!
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