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  1. Atlas ... by far. More powerful emotions evoked in me.
  2. Cool as a cucumber. Just didn't think it was funny.
  3. In my opinion, I think that Chris had a serious lapse in judgement when he agreed to do that skit. It was distasteful and over the top. It just doesn't fit at all with his more sensitive emotional side that we saw on the Zane Lowe interview. Maybe that's what he was going for but ... it didn't work for me :( I know he was just having some fun but ...
  4. I love the sound of this!! Has that beautiful anthemic signature sound! Can't wait to get this record!!
  5. I wonder if they'll add a second show in Vancouver? They have in the past right at the time of the general sale.
  6. Yellow .... love Green Eyes too though.
  7. Love both bands. Coldplay will always hold a special place in my heart. Coldplay is still the "bigger" band and will be for some time yet, I believe! KOL have some very big shoes to fill if they ever plan on getting to Coldplay status.
  8. Favorite tour was Arobtth. It was all about the music and not the "show". Not a fan of the crazy dancing and gymnastics.
  9. I don't know! There's something very hot about a fit ,muscular, sweaty man who can pretty much outsing anyone. Shirt or no shirt!! :wink3:
  10. Yes CC is 44 and looking better every day! That man just does it for me ... and the voice! Listen to a song called When I'm Down. It's off of Euphoria Morning .. which is brilliant.
  11. Here's a recent one of the incredible Chris Cornell. Yes those are long shorts and man boots. Reminiscent of his grunge roots. LOL
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