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  1. I wanted to hear Ink and O :( Also the commercials ruined the intimate vibe the show was supposed to give off.. but eh.. cant wait for the DVD.
  2. Always in My head Clocks True Love Another's Arms Viva La Vida Oceans Sky Full of Stars Paradise I believe?
  3. I'm currently using savefrom.net .. just pop in the URL and hit the button. It comes up with a thumbnail of the video, if you click that it allows you to watch it on the site. You can also download it in mp4 format.
  5. What's with all the little kids they keep showing on the front row...? lol This isn't Justin Beiber XD
  6. Awesome way to start a friday! Just realized I could have recorded this online stream.. as i was watching it live on my TV. Sorry :( crappy quality anyways
  7. CHARLIE BROWN!! Anyone that wants to watch now http://bubastvshack.com/html/live_tv/abc.html
  8. Now for the east coast, If you can find an ABC stream online. They just performed Yellow, commercial break now.. they will probably perform on and off up until 9am (20 mins from now) when GMA ends. ITS ON AGAIN, watch here CHRIS IS ON http://bubastvshack.com/html/live_tv/abc.html (Please excuse those ads and such.. annoying but this stream works)
  9. I honestly had no idea this was going on... I just had the TV on and kept it on a random local channel. I saw Oprah on and now they announced Coldplay is next! Awesome timing and luck. I'd be asleep by now!
  10. Best stream/quality I could find too. Sadly when i wanted the stream to work the most at the beginning it kept pausing :( Now its never paused once. Pretty neat.
  11. The Walking Dead, I haven't watched any new TV shows in at least 2 months.. So i'm behind a few episodes on TWD
  12. Don't have much to add as in seeing the news on a website but I have heard POC played in some of the major radio stations recently. Heard it on one of the radio stations that are streamed through Iheart radio. This was at least 4 days ago.. So its starting to be played.
  13. Meh, do feel disappointed :(. Also.. a weather guy i follow on twitter for my area tweeted this.. "Every-time I hear ColdPlay I think the terrorists are winning. #notafan #Grammy" WTF?!? makes me even more angry now. Meh
  14. They're getting closer. They were like the 3rd artist mentioned now before ads.
  15. Its in commercial right now, probably be back here in 30 seconds Edit: 8:20PM its back.
  16. http://www.justin.tv/malosotv_005#/w/2594945504/17 http://www.justin.tv/troy29#/w/2600376384/5 http://www.justin.tv/chile__hd (Spanish translation)
  17. It appears they're not streaming the actual Grammy's on the site. ?? Im watching it on CBS, so no big deal but.. yeah http://www.justin.tv/troy29 Here's a stream of it for now i've found
  18. Excuse me for being really confused XD but how exactly did he mess up on Paradise? God.. It seems like everything Chris sings.. is how its ment to be!
  19. Speed of Sound was the first song i heard from them, was probably late 2005.. I was 15 then. I would listen to this song over and over non-stop.
  20. Was there ever a full version of this video released? It sounds amazing... Im falling back in love with these songs after overplaying their MX album a little too much :D
  21. Here i am, now listening to Glass Of Water and Rainy Day, singing my lungs out as if i've never heard these songs. i did before when they came out initially but right now these seem very "fresh" to me for some reason. I miss the Viva Era, I don't think i realized how much I liked all the songs on that past album (Viva and Prospekt's) until it was over. I do like MX but .. I think a good chunk of their songs are a little too "much" like the songs already out there constantly playing on the radio. I guess we can call it "mainstream" I love DLIBYH, UWTB. :/
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