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  1. Well I saw them at a festival, knowing absolutely nothing about them and the first impression was very very nice. I gotta get their discography!
  2. Hello guys. I'm here to say I bought the Illinois CD a few months ago and that it is effing fantastic. My God so much beauty in one disc, this should be forbidden. Thanks for your attention. PS : I've known Majesty Snowbird for years now and this song is insanely great too.
  3. Hello all. It's been a big while since I posted anything anywhere on this MB, but I'm glad to see people still talk about Eels. As you may see, I talked about it here 2.5 years ago (on the first page), and here's the thing : My Dad had just died at the time, and with time, I've come to realize i find a lot resemblances between the feelings E has expressed throughout his career and the ones I've had ever since, because he's lost a lot of loved ones too, et caetera. Eels has been of a tremendous help for my recovery from it (and this is most sincere), which is why i truly and profoundly love this band. Eels' music is not very rich or innovative, but the truth is that the simple things expressed in it are very true, and that the product, I mean the sound, the mix, the engineering is always perfect, which is not the case of every band at all. Eels make music that many very intellectual people would call "nice, not much more", bit they render it perfectly. I hope this doesn't seem too looney to you, it's how I feel and it had to come out. ^^
  4. OK. I already felt similarities between E's life and mine but, let's make it clear : Ordinary Man was written inside my brain.
  5. i think today the most interesting French music comes from Emilie Simon and M. Go check them out !
  6. I think recent Muse material sounds a lot more unique than earlier... Anyway I love every bit of Muse's career, and don't feed me crap about Radiohead : I love them even more, and I don't have time to look for similarities between Muse and Radiohead, because there's even more influence from Pink Floyd on Radiohead than from Radiohead and Muse. I don't care about influence : the music is good, I like it.
  7. Well I love Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, but I can see why people can find it boring. OK the lyrics are beautiful (which is more due to Cohen's work than Buckley's by the way), but musically, it is very poor, which can be really great, but the song lasts more than 5 min, which, in the end, is musically boring. Always the same chords, always the same routine, except for the middle solo. So people, open your minds, it's not that hard to see why others can find Hallelujah boring. Not everyone is that into lyrics, and what is there to criticize about this ? Music is what's really important, i'm convinced.
  8. Why not go to the beginning for a complete change ? The Sky Moves Sideways is really nice, especially the title song.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6Np4yq0VJs]YouTube- Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc[/ame] Thus my love for the title.
  10. The Most Serene Republic album was very nice. Sounded a lot like Arcade Fire to me, especially the feminine voices.
  11. The Most Serene Republic album was very nice. Sounded a lot like Arcade Fire to me, especially the feminine voices.
  12. I do, at least. I love Gorillaz even more (if there's a way to compare both projects). Gorillaz (well, Albarn as Gorillaz) made some really extraordinary songs.
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